Your Job Search Action Plan for LinkedIn

LinkedIn job searchThe executives I know struggle mightily to adhere to a regular LinkedIn discipline in their career searches. If that sounds like you, this resource may prove helpful. Based on an article I recently wrote for CareerRealism, these action plans will help full-time or part-time job searches to accomplish more of the right kinds of strategic activities on LinkedIn.

Note what’s missing here — there’s no checkbox for or mention of submitting your resume for jobs listed on LinkedIn. That’s because that particular action isn’t always a wise one. First, such jobs are part of the Visible (15% of all available jobs) rather than the Hidden Job Market (85% of all available jobs), which means you’ll have to compete with a ridiculous number of peers to get noticed. Second, by submitting such applications you’re aiming for a small part of the market rather than the part of the market where all the jobs are — which just doesn’t make sense in the current economy (which though improving is still flooded with great candidates). Third, to win an interview for such a role you have to slam dunk the resume tailoring process. Yet few folks do.

The approach outlined in these action plans leverages both pull and push marketing techniques. This means your executive career search should include actions that gently nudge your candidacy toward target employers and contacts AND that assertively attract recruiters and hiring executives toward your candidacy. Doing both is critical to your job search success.

If you’re in a full-time search (i.e., you’re unemployed), download the action plan for full-timers. If you’re in a part-time search (i.e., you’re employed), download the action plan for part-timers. In either case the action plan works the same — check off the pertinent activities as you accomplish them each week. These planners are structured to track a month of job searching, so just copy the form if your search extends to 60 or even 90 days.

If you haven’t landed within that timeframe or fail to get traction in your search within 60 days, consult an expert — something is wrong with your strategy, career communications tools, or execution (or all 3) and you’ll need help to rescue your candidacy from oblivion.

Full-Time Weekly Job Search Plan for LinkedIn

Part-Time Weekly Job Search Planner for LinkedIn



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