[testimonial]”Cheryl has been a delight to work with.  She has given me confidence in the strength of my skills, experience, and credentials and has provided me with the tools I needed to make the career change I wanted.  I am really grateful to have found her.  Her professionalism has been outstanding.”



[CEO, Philadelphia]

[one_half_last][testimonial]”Thank you so very much for taking time to review my work history, Cheryl. I have really taken your suggestions to heart and value your advice. I am writing to you this morning with gratitude for going the extra mile to help me!”

[Accounting Manager, New Orleans]

[testimonial]”You were wonderful. You have been such a great help to me. I could not have done this without you. You gave me the confidence in myself I needed. You gave me the tools to succeed. I hope we will keep in touch. You are a great lady. Whoever you work with next, will be so lucky. Keep touching lives. Because that is what you are doing.”

[Physician Changing Careers into Hugher Education, Seattle]   


[one_half][testimonial]”You have really forced me to put my “thinking cap on,” and the results have been simply amazing. Your suggestions to me have made me feel like I am gaining control of the job search process. You have also provided me with a lot of renewed confidence.”

[Finance Specialist, Toronto]

[one_half_last][testimonial]”Thanks again for steering me in the right direction, and for having the desire to help people with some of the most important decisions they will ever have to make regarding employment. I am very appreciative for your willingness to go the extra mile in answering so many of my questions! You’re a star Cheryl!!”

[Marketing Manager, Buffalo]



[one_half][testimonial]”Cheryl was ABSOLUTELY dynamite and very, very knowledgeable.”

[IT Project Director, Berlin, Germany]



[one_half_last][testimonial]”Cheryl, I am truly impressed with your ability to synthesize this information and language it more succinctly.  It all became one large blur to me.  I will definitely use this format and gauge the response.  It can only be better than it has been.  You are a gift in my life… and have given me renewed hope.  If I tell you I’ve been hanging on by a sheer thread, I really mean it.”

[Career Coach, Boston]



[testimonial]”I had put off getting my resume rewritten for some time and finally decided to get it done.  I was very impressed with your customer service and the fact that you took the time to call me to discuss my situation and concerns before you edited my resume.  There’s no question in my mind that the version you came up with will dramatically increase the chance of me landing the interviews I want.  Thank you for the service, Cheryl.  It was well worth the money.”

[Regional Director, Memphis]


[one_half][testimonial]”Having a professional resume writer redo my resume has strengthened my confidence in my job search and was well worth the small investment.”

[Creative Director, Houston]


[one_half_last][testimonial]”Cheryl, I am so pleased I used your professional services. The changes/enhancements you made to my resume are superb. Initially, I was not going to sign up, but I am so happy I changed my mind. The composition is outstanding. Your wording and layout has made such a huge difference in both my resume and my cover letter.”

[VP Supply Chain, Denver]


[testimonial]”I was running out of money, ideas, and options when I contacted you for help, and you turned my job search around in just under 30 days.  I can’t believe I was doing everything so wrong, and what a difference it makes to implement the simple strategies you taught me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  May I call on you again the next time I’m laid off?”

[Director of Manufacturing, Raleigh]


[one_half][testimonial]”I was very pleased with the help that I received from Cheryl.  She was very professional and her experience showed with the writing of my resume and cover letter.  She also went right to work right after receiving my order and finished the work in a timely manner.  She was there for questions that needed answering and she responded quickly to my email requests.  Thanks again!”

[VP Relationship Manager, Paris]


[one_half_last][testimonial]”You are a joy to me.  I have thoroughly enjoyed our meetings together.  You are truly a talented coach, and I’m grateful to have you in my life.”

[Director of Creative Services, Cincinnati]

[/testimonial] [/one_half_last]

[testimonial]”Cheryl is the consummate professional who consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to assist clients in any way she can.  She was always prompt in responding to my questions, and always offered extremely informative guidance.  The resume she designed for me not only gave me more confidence, but it opened doors for me that enabled me to land the promotion I didn’t believe I could ever get.”

[Project Manager, London]