I am still in London, but wanted to give you some feedback from the recruiters I have met with. To a person, everyone has said that my new resume is really excellent. As a matter of fact, David at [recruiting firm] in Paris asked if he could keep it for his book to help candidates write the best possible resume. Also, just yesterday I was contacted by a headhunter regarding a COO position. She and I are trying to connect now, but this is the last sentence of her e-mail after I sent my information to her: I look forward to connecting – your resume looks fantastic.” [RW, COO – New York, NY]

Cheryl – I can’t thank you enough. Before we connected I had been floundering in the job market for well over a year with a diffuse resume and a confused proposition. In our phone call you called out my brand in a way I had not seen before, which in itself was enormously helpful and allowed me to productively re-focus my effort. And then, using only the draft resume you had put together, I applied for a great-looking role and got the job! [TK, Director of Strategy – Australia]

Cheryl, Happy New Year! I hope this message finds you well. First, I want to thank you again for the excellent job you did in conveying my experience/skill set in my resume and for building out my LinkedIn profile. I have received numerous compliments on my resume (thanks to you) and was informed by LinkedIn that my profile was in the top 1% of those viewed in 2012. In addition, several colleagues have asked for you contact info that were impressed by your work. On a related topic, I am happy to report that I accepted the VP of Sales position with XX, a public life science company based in the XX area.” [SM, VP of Sales – Atlanta, GA]

Hi Cheryl, I just wanted to tell you that I just received an offer (that I will accept) with XX. Thank you for the professional résumé and the coaching. New job in less than three months if we start counting from the time when my résumé and LinkedIn were up and running. P.S This job came from a LinkedIn Inmail I sent to the hiring manager. You are definitively right when you say that most of the recruiting happens on LinkedIn!” [DT, Director of Network Engineering – Atlanta, GA]

Cheryl – Wow … amazing … incredible … and exciting. I am so pleased with what you have done and it’s better than I imagined it would be. Its amazing to me to read my resume and have a big picture perspective of the milestones and success I have had in my career!” [BJ, Director of Engineering – San Francisco, CA]

Cheryl, I hope your business is thriving, and not because of the economy. You helped me with my search 5 years ago, and I found a job at XX in Cleveland. I’m still there, and very happy with my job. I’m convinced that working with you made all the difference in my job search, especially the advice you gave me on my resume.” [KG, VP of HR – Cleveland, OH]

Cheryl, just wanted to take a moment to thank you and give you some positive feedback from this first week.

It’s been a very interesting and confirming week for me. In short, I made the right decision to work with you and your vast talents. The main objective I had when I set out on this journey was to determine what kind of position I could reach for with my experience. With your resume and LinkedIn, the clear answer that people are deriving from that is I’m positioned for a CIO role at a quality smaller bank …. this is perfect! You painted the exactly picture I wanted and the results are showing it.

On a more personal note, I was talking with a great gentleman from Chicago who works for a very reputable retaining firm and he said that he’s never seen a resume like mine. The use of colors and wording are excellent and wishes he’d see more of this 🙂

I can’t thank you enough for giving me the best chance to showcase my skill set in a different light than the typical technology guy!” [CK – CIO, Philadelphia, PA]

Cheryl, I am truly impressed with your ability to synthesize this information and language it more succinctly. It all became one large blur to me. I will definitely use this format and gauge the response. It can only be better than it has been. You are a gift in my life … and have given me renewed hope. If I tell you I’ve been hanging on by a sheer thread, I really mean it.” [SP, VP of Marketing – Boston, MA]

Cheryl, I am so pleased I used your professional services. The changes/enhancements you made to my resume are superb. Initially, I was not going to sign up, but I am so happy I changed my mind. The composition is outstanding. Your wording and layout has made such a huge difference in both my resume and my cover letter.” [MR, VP of Supply Chain – Denver, CO]

I was running out of money, ideas, and options when I contacted you for help, and you turned my job search around in just under 30 days. I can’t believe I was doing everything so wrong, and what a difference it makes to implement the simple strategies you taught me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! May I call on you again the next time I’m laid off?” [BT, Director of Manufacturing, Houston, TX]

Cheryl is the consummate professional who consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to assist clients in any way she can. She was always prompt in responding to my questions, and always offered extremely informative guidance. The resume she designed for me not only gave me more confidence, but it opened doors for me that enabled me to land the promotion I didn’t believe I could ever get.” [NC, VP of Finance – London, UK]

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