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Master LinkedIn for Your Career & BusinessIf you’re in or planning to launch a job search in the balance of 2018 and early 2019 or you work in a business or function that cultivates relationships with professionals or B2B contacts, LinkedIn might well be your bread and butter … so long as you use it wisely.

Do you?

If you don’t, or aren’t sure whether you are, then you need a little rescuing for your LinkedIn profile, and I have a low-cost solution for you. Join me for the Master LinkedIn for Your Career & Business webinar I’ll be hosting on August 30, 2018. LinkedIn superuser and SME Teddy Burriss will be my guest and he’ll be sharing a wealth of insight, tips, and tactics to help you uplift your LinkedIn presence, visibility, and opportunities.

A few of the topics we’ll be discussing include:

  • The Top 5 ways to source new contacts on LinkedIn.
  • How to get an introduction to people you want to connect with but don’t yet know.
  • How to “bump into” people before sending a LinkedIn invite and how this helps.
  • How to send the right LinkedIn invitation to get an acceptance.
  • Managing your sent & received LinkedIn invites.
  • What to do immediately after connecting with someone on LinkedIn.
  • Whether you should connect with people on LinkedIn that you don’t yet know.
  • The value of engaging on LinkedIn and why it matters.
  • How to create a LinkedIn post (text, image, video, URL) and why you should.
  • How to share third-party content on LinkedIn.
  • Using LinkedIn post analytics and what they mean.
  • Why you should like, comment on or share another person’s LinkedIn articles
  • Why endorsements, birthdays & anniversaries are great ways to engage on LinkedIn.
  • How to tag people on LinkedIn discussions and comments and how this helps.
  • What you can learn from your LinkedIn insights.

In addition to leading-edge wisdom and advice that works, participants will also receive:

  • 2 ebooks delving deeper into these critical topics (and more).
  • The webinar recording in case you can’t make the call or stay for the full 1.5 hours.
  • My proprietary recruiter relationship-building kit, not available elsewhere.

Master LinkedIn for Your Career & Business will take place on Thursday, August 30th from 1:00 to 2:30 pm eastern time and costs $115. Learn more and register here, but be aware that seats are limited to 75.

I hope you’ll join Teddy and I for this strategy-rich webinar!

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