Leveraging the Power of Media Opportunities

One of the ancillary tasks you want to include in your job search is regular reading of business-related newspapers, magazines, and journals, including national, trade, and community local publications. Why? Because every issue offers you media or “spot” opportunities that you may be able to leverage into job or networking possibilities.

The idea behind this technique is simple: You read an article on a local company in the paper. Based on that article, you identify a possible opportunity you would like to pursue.

  • If a company is growing/merging/acquiring another business, they may soon be hiring. Why not acknowledge their growth and point out how you can help?
  • If a company is downsizing/restructuring, they may also soon be hiring. Why not point out ways your skills/experience/credentials can make a positive difference in their workplace?
  • If a new staff member is hired, or a current one is promoted, they may be expanding a department/program, or filling the position the person used to hold. Why not seize this opportunity to market yourself into that position?
  • If a company is showcasing a company achievement or new product, they may have a current or future need for someone like you. Why not compliment them on their achievement, and note how that accomplishment mirrors your own goals, values, and achievements?

You’ll want some samples to refer to as you write your own media, or “spot” opportunity letters:

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