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senior executive job seekersThe average job search length in the US in the midst of the Great Recession was 12 months — 18-24 months for executives. While it’s lower now, it still typically takes executives more than 6 months to land the right role.

Do you know how to trim your search length while pushing your search’s effectiveness through the roof? If not, these resources will help. From my favorite blog posts and expert articles to coaching programs, websites, and job seeker services pertinent to the executive career search, I’ve got you covered.

Resources for Mid-Management Professionals to Senior Executives

I’ve sorted through my wealth of blog posts and online articles to identify and categorize the ones you most need to read:

Career Management:

Career Transitions:

Executive Job Search Best Practices:

Managing Your Search:

Accessing the Hidden Job Market:

Making the Most of Job Board Submissions:

Managing Your References:

Career/Personal Branding:

Executive Resume Writing:

Additional Career Communications Tools:

Executive Cover Letter Writing:

Executive Interviewing & Salary Negotiations:

Emotional Intelligence:

Interviewing Best Practices:

Salary Negotiation Best Practices

Working with Recruiters:

Executive Networking:

Executive LinkedIn Strategies:

Coaching Programs & Online Classes

  • Executive Job Search Kickoff helps you to establish a firm foundation for your job-hunt. It’s the perfect accompaniment to my resume writing services because you can be building out your Job Search Action Plan while I draft your new career communications portfolio.
  • Executive Job Search Momentum follows Kickoff and guides you through the process of executing your executive search. Momentum includes weekly tracking and job search metrics, weekly check-ins with your Executive Job Search Coach, and BrandYou(TM) messaging templates and editing.
  • Introduction to Journaling — this comprehensive class presents 12 basic to intermediate lessons on journaling, including how to leverage journaling to navigate major life change, discover your values, and explore your career options. Course lasts 6 weeks; a new session launches monthly. More than 4,000 adults have take my course since it launched in 2004.

Recommended Job Search Sites & Services


  • StrengthsFinder.com offers an extensive free assessment of your strengths based on those described in the best-selling book, StrengthsFinder. This resource is a gem that offers you unique insight into yourself.
  • AssessmentGoddess.com provides an array of career and personal branding tools. Susan Guarneri comes highly recommended.

 Job Search Tools:

Reference Checking:

  • AllisonTaylor.com specializes in checking your references so there are no surprises.

Recruiter Research & Distribution:

  • ProfileResearch.com gets my thumbs up for the best executive recruiter research and distribution services.
  • JobsbyFax.com offers another way to get your career materials into the hands of recruiters and employers.

Online Resume:

  • CareerFlair.com is the best online resume tool I’ve seen, and I’ve seen more than a few. What I love about CareerFlair is that it enables job seekers to promote different skill sets. If you’re pursuing multiple types of jobs or both corporate and consulting work at the same time, it can be difficult to position yourself equally for both. CareerFlair solves that problem by allowing you to build multiple themed success stories and profiling them in multiple resumes.

Executive Job Boards:

There are more than a few of these out there, but my personal faves are these 3 executive job boards. Note that The Ladders doesn’t make my list — I do not recommend using it.

  • Execunet — I recommend Execunet because they offer executive-level networking events around the US. If you’re located in a city that hosts their events, it will be worth your while to consider a membership, especially if you are not open to relocation or have very specific relocation needs.
  • BlueSteps — In addition to executive-oriented job postings, BlueSteps offers a built-in global recruiter database (retained recruiters only, which is exactly what you want). This job board is owned by the Association of Executive Search Consultants. As a former member of the BlueSteps Career Services Team, I can offer you my 20% off coupon code (CherylSimpson20) if you wish to use their services.
  • RiteSite — is a great resource for senior-level job seekers and includes the option of promoting your resume to recruiters via a mass mailing. I’m not a fan of such mailings, but if you have next to zero time to search, they can be a valuable option. Keep in mind, though, that relationship-building with recruiters one at a time is a far, far superior option.
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