Intro to Salary Negotiations

Next to resume design, the hardest part of the job search process is probably salary negotiations. Most of us hate it, and few, indeed, excel at it. Yet, the fact is that your single biggest chance to increase your income occurs when you change jobs.

Let’s take a look at some negotiations basics. First and foremost, what can you negotiate?

      • Salary (starting salary; salary progressions; raises; promotions; bonuses; overtime/comp time)
      • Benefits (health, dental, vision, life, travel, short-term/long-term disability, and accidental death insurance; pension plans; profit-sharing plans; stock options; Employee Assistance Program)
      • Work hours (number of hours worked weekly)
      • Work schedule (when you work the hours you’ve pledged to work)
      • Working conditions (dress; smoking/non-smoking; access to music; ability to decorate work space; special accomodations for disabilities/health conditions)
      • Vacation (weeks of vacation; holidays; personal days; sick/family leave)
      • Job description (tasks you want included; tasks you want excluded)
      • Support personnel (access to secretarial/administrative support)
      • Job title (scope of; wording)
      • Reporting level (the higher level of position you report to, the more your own title is worth in your future salary negotiations)
      • Perks (office space; parking space; paid parking; company car; expense account; travel expenses; company credit card; health club membership; on-site daycare; subsidized child care)
      • Equipment (laptop, desktop pc, any specialized tools needed for your work)
      • Professional development (courses/training; tuition reimbursement for a college degree or professional certificate; licensure; coaching; professional memberships; access to online learning tools; conferences)
      • Separation benefits (outplacement support; severance; 401K buyout)

      This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it should broaden your idea of what “salary” negotiations is all about.

      Some salary/negotiations-related sites you will want to take a look at

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