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iStock_000017471406XSmallBack in the day, finding a job was easy – you could just send your resume to a few key contacts or recruiters and pull a new job out of a hat. Unfortunately, executive career search has changed dramatically, and this technique simply doesn’t work anymore.

You can spend days trying to write one of these new-fangled resumes with key words and personal branding, only to find that you’ve missed the mark completely.

This can be enormously frustrating because you know that you have tremendous experience and know-howso why is it so difficult to land an interview, let alone a new job?

Great resumes do open doors – but the truth is most won’t even be read.

Employers and recruiters are receiving hundreds to thousands of resumes weekly, so your resume must set you apart from a very competitive crowd. Your resume needs to brand you and showcase your unique approach to solving the problems your target employers face.

This can be difficult to accomplish on your own if you’re not a professional resume writer. These days, your resume has to speak to multiple audiences (computers, HR staff, internal/external recruiters, and hiring managers), each expecting their own “language” in this one document.

It takes an average of 7 interviews to land a job offer, so the better your resume, the more interviews you get and the faster you’ll get the offer you really want.

With more than 30 years of experience crafting resumes for executives in 30+ industries on 7 continents, I know what works. My resumes open doors for my mid-career to senior executive clients. It doesn’t hurt that my resumes have been nominated for and won 21 global TORI Awards and consistently earn kudos from recruiters, employers, and hiring managers.

Through my executive resume writing services, I:

    • Discover, hone in on, and word smith your unique career brand and value proposition – so you can stand out in a sea of executive candidates who are every bit as qualified as you are.
    • Name and quantify your achievements – so you can measure and prove the impacts you’ve had on each employer you’ve worked for in your 15 to 30 + year career.
    • Surface the highest-level and most relevant industry-specific key words and seed them organically into your executive resume and LinkedIn profile – so you can earn higher rankings from Applicant Tracking Systems and LinkedIn searches.
    • Structure your resume, age-proof your documents, and infuse your career story with strategy – so you can overcome any liabilities in your experience and convince your readers that you have the skills and capabilities needed to get the job in question done.

The investment for one of my executive resumes can range from $950 to $1350 for mid-career or mid-management professionals and $1,400 to $2,500 for senior executives. Each resume includes my proprietary Brand You™ career branding and strategy process, a custom resume questionnaire, a one-hour phone interview, and my Resume Tailoring Guide. Purchase a package of services for a career communications portfolio or access to my proprietary executive job search programs, one-on-one job search or LinkedIn coaching, or unlimited weekly laser coaching.

You may be wondering why a resume would ever be worth this level of investment. The answer is easy – because Businesswoman with Hands Claspedmy resumes get results: more interviews, higher salaries, and shorter job searches. If the right resume can help you save thousands of dollars in lost income or savings, isn’t it worth the investment? I’d say so.

Take a look at these sample resumes I’ve done for real clients (personal info has been changed of course):

I hope you see in these samples what I’m known for: crisp writing, lean sentences, stunning visual elements (which are by no means required if you prefer I didn’t use them), and emphatic branding.

The longer you spend sweating over your resume to get it right on your own,
the more opportunities you’ll lose out on.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received calls from clients who waited too long to seek help, only to find that the resume writing process at the executive level takes more time than they anticipated. Or, they shared their homemade resume with a key prospect, only to find that their weak document failed to open a door they only have one chance to approach.

The bottom line is that the sooner you have the right resume in hand, the sooner you can start interviewing for the kinds of roles you really want.

These days, executives need a portfolio of career communications tools for an effective career search. Your portfolio may include a wide range of tools, from cover letters, LinkedIn Profiles, and Executive Bios to Personal Marketing Briefs, Leadership Addenda, and Interview PowerPoint presentations. In fact, you have more options than ever before for showcasing and sharing your career story, including letter, email/voice mail, and mini bio suites.

Cheryl, I’ve only had the chance to take a quick peek at the resume and cover letter (will be able to review it thoroughly tonight), but I wanted to tell you that I was nothing short of blown away. Your work is extraordinary and I simply cannot express in words how excited and pleased I am. [JF, EVP of Marketing]

Curious to know which services you need and what your personal brand could look like? Tell me a little about your career situation below, then choose the day and time that works best for our short phone consult. There is, of course, no obligation.

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