The Once-Yearly ERR Free LinkedIn Profile Promotion

My once-a-year complimentary LinkedIn profile promotion is here … now through December 31, 2016, you can earn a new profile by purchasing a resume makeover. As you may have read elsewhere, LinkedIn is the #1 candidate sourcing tool used by recruiters to find folks to interview. And while you may already have a LinkedIn profile, […]

Career Directors International (@careerhero) is launching a new series of career search tips from member career experts today. Tune in every hour on the hour starting at 10 am for the latest wisdom, or follow yours truly (a member and one of the tip contributors) for my retweets. CDI’s career search tweet series runs through […]

During a job search coaching session today, my client noted that he always thought LinkedIn was just a way to connect online with people he already knew. He had no idea LinkedIn has so many rich tools to offer job seekers. Let’s take a look at 10 of the most critical ways LinkedIn can benefit […]

Here’s a questions I get asked at least once a week: What’s the best way to get hired at XYZ company if they have multiple open positions that match my skills and experience? Today the question came from a man in Colorado who’s targeting a state-level department. The department in question has multiple openings, however […]