Does Your Executive Resume Show or Tell Your Strategic Planning Strengths?

One of the hallmarks of executive roles is that they demand the ability to design and execute strategic plans. One of the hallmarks of executive resumes is that they showcase the candidate’s ability to design and execute strategic plans, while also highlighting the ultimate impact their strategies have on the company’s operations. One of the […]

Is your resume ready for that next unexpected opportunity? If a recruiter or prospective employer called with an interesting opening, would you be poised to seize the moment? If a friend forwarded a job posting to you that you immediately knew you had to throw your hat in the ring for, would your resume be […]

One of the key principles I am constantly preaching to my clients is that when it comes to resumes and LinkedIn profiles, more is not really more. Less is emphatically more in these arenas. You can see this clearly in the resume achievement makeovers below. I’ve pulled resume bullets and paragraphs from random resumes and […]

A Personal Marketing Brief (PMB) is a fabulous networking tool … perhaps the perfect networking tool. First, allow me to introduce you to the PMB, then I’ll you why I think it’s so fab. A PMP is a 1-page career communications tool that briefly summarizes and showcases your career search targets, preferred companies, industries, and […]