Your Resume Tells a Story

What does yours say about you? Does your resume simply relate the basics – where you’ve worked and what you were responsible for? That’s not the story recruiters, HR professionals, and hiring managers want to read. What they want to read is the “brand” story that underlies and drives your career achievements to date: Why […]

Today’s guest post is courtesy of Colin Cuthbert of Ayers, an Australian firm. In it you will find a wealth of statistics and resume writing tips. A few of these are a little different here in the US, namely that recruiters may spend as little as 3 to 5 seconds on your resume before making […]

Does your resume capture the essence of your career story to date? Does it convey the impact that you’ve had on the employers you’ve worked for so far? Does it showcase your unique combination of achievements and skills? If not, then your resume is failing to promote the real you. While it’s important to tell […]

Titles and taglines are terrific brand real estate in any resume. Not only do they quickly summarize important issues such as your career goal and brand, but they often include key words and almost always draw your reader’s eyes to critical details about your candidacy. Recognize, though, that you have more options than whether to […]

When most job seekers create their own resume or LinkedIn profile, they invariably fall into the “more is more” trap. They assume that you can never have too much of a good thing, so why not include more job description data, more courses, more key words, and so on, without evaluating whether they’re providing too […]

While content is king in resumes at any level, the look and feel of the document is an important consideration as you climb the career ladder. In this post I’d like to share some visual resume makeovers with you to give you an idea how you can lift your document to a new level with […]

Is your resume ready for that next great opportunity? If a recruiter or prospective employer called with an interesting opening, would you be poised to seize the moment? You can answer “yes” to these questions ONLY if your resume is already in great shape and simply needs a quick update with your latest achievements. In […]

One of the key principles I am constantly preaching to my clients is that when it comes to resumes and LinkedIn profiles, more is not really more. Less is emphatically more in these arenas. You can see this clearly in the resume achievement makeovers below. I’ve pulled resume bullets and paragraphs from random resumes and […]

Like most Executive Resume Writers, I am constantly on the hunt for evidence of emerging resume writing trends and best practices. How else can we stay ahead of incessant shifts in the market? Enter Career Thought Leader’s Global Brainstorming Day. This annual event brings together hundreds of resume writers from around the world to name […]