2015 Career Vision Planner

Have you designed your career vision yet for 2015? Why bother, you ask? If you’re not goal-directed, then nothing I can say will convince you that goals are powerful. But if you are a goal-driven person, then you need a career plan with a year-by-year vision. Such a vision harnesses your hopes, clarifies your intentions, […]

While coaching a client the other day I asked her if she had considered blogging as a way to bolster her career brand. She acknowledged that she had and was very interested in doing so, yet had no idea how to get started. While getting started with your own blog isn’t all that difficult, it […]

My husband is a professional entertainer – stand-up comedian, comedy magic show performer, and balloon sculptor. Though his interest in magic is more about comedic illusions (“more amusing than amazing” is how he describes his comedy magic show), I tagged along with him last night at MagiFest – a magic convention hosted in Columbus, OH […]

Personal branding expert William Arruda catalogues the trends impacting branding each year, and his 2014 predictions have just been published. If Arruda is right, this year will be a “year of personal branding evolution – not revolution.” Prediction #1: While millions of employers restrict employee access to social networking sites on the job, Arruda sees […]

Here’s a questions I get asked at least once a week: What’s the best way to get hired at XYZ company if they have multiple open positions that match my skills and experience? Today the question came from a man in Colorado who’s targeting a state-level department. The department in question has multiple openings, however […]

A client of mine has been looking for insurance sales jobs and recently tried repeatedly to get in touch with a corporate recruiter. He knew this particular recruiter was sourcing for sales roles in his target geographic area, so he left multiple messages for her after he submitted his resume and cover letter for the […]

The Recruiters Lounge wrote a great post a few months ago worthy of repeat here. Author Jim Stroud tracked down the 10 jobs most and least likely to be outsourced based on the research of Nancy Folbre, a professor at the University of Massachusetts, and data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those jobs […]

The New Year is here is with it comes our resolve to do more & do it better. But that’s not easy unless we put the proper structures in place to support our goal attainment. Here, then, are 7 habits I recommend for those serious about more committed careers & productive job searches in 2011: […]

And just what is a waggle? WaggleForce Founder Tory Johnson compares her new online social networking community for job seekers to the communities that honey bees form. Honey bees do a little dance called a “waggle” to communicate the best local resources to fellow members. WaggleForce-member job clubs like the Brand You[TM] Job Club will […]

I reported a few weeks ago that hiring managers are increasingly using Google to check out candidates online before inviting them in for interviews or offering them jobs. In case you thought that was nothing to be concerned about, here’s more news on the same subject.NDTV.com reports on a recent study by CareerBuilder which found […]