Ask the Career Coach: How Can I Increase My Salary?

Question: Hi, Cheryl, I can’t remember the last time we corresponded. To get you up to date, I’m now working for a division of (company name removed). I’m the supervisor of the regional marketing division. In many ways, it’s a perfect fit. The problem is I just can’t seem to live off the salary they […]

So you’re job searching or seeking out a new career direction … how do you squeeze those activities into your already busy life? Here are some tips that might help: Review your schedule with an objective eye before you begin your job search or career exploration. Pinpoint how much – if any – free time […]

There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and yearning. ~ Christopher Morley Learning, earning, and yearning … how can you weave all three of these key life ingredients together and actually make a living doing something you love? The process – and it is unquestionably a process – begins with you. With […]

Thinking about changing careers? If so, try this. Draw three overlapping circles on a sheet of paper. The left circle represents your career interests and passions – those pursuits you most love to do. The right circle represents your career values – that which you treasure above all else in your work life. The third […]