Be Your Own CHO … Chief Happiness Officer

Chief Happiness Officer? Love the concept! If it intrigues you, consider registering for Career Coach Erica Loren’s upcoming webinar on Career Happiness. Erica is an inspiring coach on a mission to help more people love their worklives. She’ll be presenting a free webinar on June 9, 2014 from 7-7:45 pm eastern time. I’d say 45 […]

Question: Hi, Cheryl, I can’t remember the last time we corresponded. To get you up to date, I’m now working for a division of (company name removed). I’m the supervisor of the regional marketing division. In many ways, it’s a perfect fit. The problem is I just can’t seem to live off the salary they […]

So you’re job searching or seeking out a new career direction … how do you squeeze those activities into your already busy life? Here are some tips that might help: Review your schedule with an objective eye before you begin your job search or career exploration. Pinpoint how much – if any – free time […]

There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and yearning. ~ Christopher Morley Learning, earning, and yearning … how can you weave all three of these key life ingredients together and actually make a living doing something you love? The process – and it is unquestionably a process – begins with you. With […]

Thinking about changing careers? If so, try this. Draw three overlapping circles on a sheet of paper. The left circle represents your career interests and passions – those pursuits you most love to do. The right circle represents your career values – that which you treasure above all else in your work life. The third […]