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Your Resume Tells a Story

What does yours say about you? Does your resume simply relate the basics – where you’ve worked and what you were responsible for? That’s not the story recruiters, HR professionals, and hiring managers want to read. What they want to read is the “brand” story that underlies and drives your career achievements to date: Why […]

The ERR 5-Day LinkedIn Action Plan for Job Seekers

Balancing a job search with a full-time job or the rest of your life can be quite a challenge. To help, consider using or adapting the following weekly action plan if you’re already in or considering a full-time job search for new employment.       Day 1 Accept and respond to LinkedIn connection invitations. […]

6 LinkedIn Platform Updates & How to Leverage Them in Your Job Search

Make Over Your Resume’s Job Descriptions in 4 Simple Steps

6 Ways to Proactively Manage Your References

Once you have your employment reference list ready to go, it’s important to manage your references proactively. When you’re in a job search, it isn’t enough to simply create a list of referees — you also have to prepare your referees to defend you AND you have to close the loop of your references. More […]

3 Ways to Build Credibility with Your Network

One of the most basic reasons why your networking might not be working is that your connections may not know you well enough to help you or even to want to help you. Throughout your job search, it’s vital to build what marketers refer to you as your “like, know, and trust factor;” that is, […]

Landing A Great Job Despite A Criminal Record

Throughout my career, I’ve worked with more than a few professionals who have a criminal record in their past. Having paid their debt to society, they reenter the job market hoping to put their past behind them and becoming an effective contributor once again. Prior to 9/11, the US was moving toward ever-shortening background checks […]

What to Wear to Job Interviews

A key aspect of your job search and personal branding that you might not think about much is how you dress, both for job interviews and once you land the job and start working. The helpful infographic shown here compliments of T.M. Lewin, a British heritage brand offers helpful insights. Because you may find the […]

The Once-Yearly ERR Free LinkedIn Profile Promotion

My once-a-year complimentary LinkedIn profile promotion is here … now through December 31, 2016, you can earn a new profile by purchasing a resume makeover. As you may have read elsewhere, LinkedIn is the #1 candidate sourcing tool used by recruiters to find folks to interview. And while you may already have a LinkedIn profile, […]

4 Reasons You Need to Compare Your Brand to Others

You have a clearly defined career brand, right? And you’re ready to start marketing yourself into a new job. But have you taken the time yet to consider how your brand is perceived by your target market? Think about it: It’s one thing to clarify your brand and align your career communications tools with it, […]