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Branding is so important for your career that you can and should take every opportunity you can to express yours. That goes for LinkedIn, as well, where it’s difficult to differentiate yourself from the nearly 600 million members on the platform. One way to boost your LinkedIn profile’s brand, though, is to customize the background […]

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A few years ago, personal branding guru William Arruda posted a brand-driven formula for summaries on LinkedIn. Intrigued, I thought I’d give it a try. Using Arruda’s suggested process, I brainstormed content and crafted this possible new version of my summary. What do you think? My Current LinkedIn Profile Dear Executive Job Seeker: Would you […]

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In a recent LinkedIn article, I defined the importance of job hunt positioning, shared how to craft a positioning statement, and listed 14 questions you can ask yourself to ensure your positioning is on the right track and likely to perform well for you. Having done all of that, what’s the next step? To leverage […]