Annual Career Check-Up Self-Coaching Program

Annual Career Check-Up

Whether you’re a mid-management professional, a senior executive, or a C-suite leader, your salary probably funds your lifestyle. In fact, that’s true for everyone who works except those who are independently wealthy. So, protecting your income is of paramount importance. Which is why I created the Annual Career Check-Up Self-Coaching Program – to help you keep an eye on your career horizon to give you time to act and preserve your income and your lifestyle before disaster or burn-out strikes.

The Annual Career Check-Up helps you to:

  • Figure out what's working and what's not working in your career.
  • Determine when it's time to launch a job search or pursue a career change.
  • Prepare to seek an internal promotion.
  • Devise your 2019 career goals.
  • Roadmap your long-term career plan.
  • Decide when to pursue additional education or credentials.
  • Analyze the match between you and your current job, company, and industry.
  • Deepen your awareness of and alignment with your career interests, strengths, and values.
  • Gain awareness of your career liabilities and pinpoint ways to soften or eliminate their negative impacts.

Who Is The Annual Career Check-Up For?

This program is perfect for you if you are:

  • Dedicated to personal and professional development.
  • Passionate about lifelong learning.
  • Able and willing to invest an hour a week on recession-proofing your income.

It’s not a good fit for you if you are:

  • Unable to commit an hour a week to the program.
  • Someone who is comfortable making career decisions on the fly without worrying about the short- and long-term consequences.
  • Not interested in personal or professional development.

Who ​Am I?

Cheryl Lynch Simpson, Career, Job Search, LinkedIn & Interviewing Coach

Cheryl Lynch Simpson

About Me

    A Career, Job Search & LinkedIn Coach with more than 35 years of experience in career management and job hunt best practices, I have helped 1000s of mid-career to senior executives land new roles and elevate their satisfaction with their current one.

  • Widely published on Forbes, Fast Company, Money, US News & World Report &
  • Honored with 25 global resume writing awards & nominations.
  • Experience spans more than 35 industries on 6 continents.

What Does The Annual Career Check-Up Include?

  • A self-assessment encompassing 10 key areas of your work life, including your current role, employer, and industry, your career interests, strengths, and values, your career liabilities, your personal development, your 2019 career goals, and your long-term career plan.
  • A tracker to help you identify which aspects of the above areas need your attention and action.
  • Templates for your personal development goals, 2019 career goals, and long-term career plan.
  • Instructions to help you coach yourself to proactively protect your career longevity and income.
  • Optional one-on-one support, structure, and guidance from an expert Career & Job Search Coach.

You may purchase The Annual Career Check-Up Self-Coaching Program by clicking the link below. You'll receive it as a digital download immediately after you complete the purchase process.

Given the increasing whispers of an economic downturn predicted for 2020, doesn’t it make sense to assess your current career situation objectively and begin now to prepare just in case such a downturn materializes and threatens your employment or growth opportunities?

So How Much Does The Annual Career Check-Up Cost?

​Your Low-Cost DIY Solution

​download only



  • Annual Check-Up Assessment
  • Assessment Tracker
  • 3 Goals Templates
  • Self-Coaching Instructions


How is the program structured?

How much of my time will this program require?

Can I return the program if I discover it's not for me?

Is this program valid only in 2019?

What does the add-on coaching involve?

What if I need more than 2 hours of coaching?

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