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I’m passionate about work. Let’s face it, it takes up much of our time and funds our family’s well-being, not to mention everything else we do (unless you’re independently wealthy). While it’s not the most important thing in life, work does make an enormous difference, particularly when we find work we love and excel at. Which, in my book, is a basic human right.

I’m honored to have spent more than 35 years helping people of all walks of life to find work that fits them like a glove. In early career roles as a Career Counselor and Rehabilitation Consultant, I analyzed transferable skills and helped injured workers parlay their experience into alternative employment. As the coordinator of a career transitions program, I enabled students of all ages to redirect their careers and land higher level jobs.

After launching two successful resume writing businesses, I joined an executive career consulting firm that specialized in guiding senior management professionals into next-level roles. Later, as the Director of The Career & Workforce Development Center, I designed and facilitated outplacement initiatives, developed job search programs, and devised and launched the first coaching training for managers in the Mid-Ohio region.

I’ve always been in the business of helping people. From assisting “trailing” husbands and wives to land new jobs after their spouses relocated, to guiding executives through career transitions and delivering corporate outplacement programs for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, Verizon, and GM, I gained a wealth of experience which taught me:

  • How transferable skills can be leveraged at all levels of the employment spectrum.
  • The best job search strategies for different career scenarios.
  • Which skills are most valuable in more than 2 dozen industries.
  • How to defend a wide variety of career liabilities and take advantage of career assets.

To this blend of career counseling, career consulting, and career and job search coaching expertise, I added best-in-class resume writing, personal branding, and LinkedIn job search strategies. Along the way, I earned 23 global resume/LinkedIn profile writing awards and nominations through Career Directors International’s TORI awards (think Oscars for resume writers).

Based on this diverse experience, I have developed a proprietary process that dramatically shortens job search lengths from the 18- to 24-month US average down to 2 to 4 months. Even during The Great Recession, my career communications tools and coaching services helped executives to execute successful job searches while their peers were languishing in unchallenging jobs or unemployment.

The trick, you see, is to know which search strategies work best for different career situations and how to execute them in today’s social media-driven world.

Throughout my 3-decade career, I’ve helped thousands of folks literally around the world to discover and land their next great opportunity. The people I specialize in working with, though, are executives. Like most of them, I thrive on the career challenges faced by talented folks at the top of their game.Senior Man Thinking

If you’re a senior executive and you’d like help customizing a job search roadmap that will get you the results you want in less time, then let’s talk – tell me your career story in my no-cost, no-obligation phone consultation and I’ll tell you if I can help.






 Who I Serve

Rather than specializing in one or more industries, I prefer to specialize in the level of professionals I serve. Although I work with professionals at all career level, my specialty is understanding the unique challenges faced by mid-career, mid-management, senior-level, and C-suite executives in more than 30 industries.

I’ve designed resumes for clients who work in:

  • Business Operations (executive, finance, board, accounting, purchasing, supply chain)
  • Sales (wholesale, retail, B2B, B2C, healthcare/medical, technology, organic/green, industrial & defense)
  • Marketing (product, corporate, digital, hospitality, technology, global)
  • Human Resources (HR, training, employee relations, learning & development, organizational development)
  • Energy (oil & gas, alternative, mining)
  • Healthcare (executive, pharmaceutical, medical devices, hospital administration, physician career changes)
  • Consulting (technology, HR, marketing, sales, business operations, speaking)

Typically, my clients are seeking senior mid-management or senior executive roles, including director, VP, SVP, EVP, and C-suite or board positions. Additionally, I serve quite a few consultants in multiple industries (launching or expanding a consulting practice or returning to full-time work from consulting roles). Lastly, I have also earned a reputation helping physicians (job search and career changes, such as transitioning from clinical to industry roles).


Mini Bio

Cheryl Simpson, ACRW, COPNS, G3, is a Get Clear, Get Found, and Get Hired Career Coach, Master Resume Writer, and LinkedIn Strategist with more than 35 years of experience spanning 30+ industries and thousands of clients on 6 continents. Specializing in serving mid-career to senior executives, Cheryl rescues career paths and job searches that have gone awry.

She is President of ExecutiveResumeRescue.com and a member of Career Directors International and the Career Thought Leaders Consortium. She has published hundreds of blog posts and articles in online and print publications, and is a syndicated columnist with CareerThoughtLeaders.com, CareerDirectors.com, and TheCareerExperts.com. She has won 21 global resume writing awards through the Career Directors International TORI competition, including #1 Best Executive Resume, #1 Best International Resume, #1 Best Creative Resume, and #1 Best Sales Resume.

Recognized by her peers as an industry thought leader, Cheryl has been tapped to present at industry conferences and lead professional development programs for her peers. Her expertise and resumes have been published on websites such as Forbes, com, Fast Company.com, CIO.com, USNews.com, ReadersDigest.com, and Yahoo! and books such as Guide to Writing Your Executive Resume, Same-Day Resume, and Modernize Your Resume. She was hand-picked by industry leaders Wendy Enelow and Louise Kursmark to serve as a Resume Writer for the Resume Writing Academy Guild and BlueSteps.com.

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