Career Search Tip Series Launches on Twitter

Career Directors International (@careerhero) is launching a new series of career search tips from member career experts today. Tune in every hour on the hour starting at 10 am for the latest wisdom, or follow yours truly (a member and one of the tip contributors) for my retweets.

CDI’s career search tweet series runs through November, 2012, and promises to showcase best-in-class career search tips encompassing a range of topics:

  • career search strategies
  • personal/career branding
  • career assessments
  • informational interviewing
  • social career search
  • finding jobs and careers
  • penetrating the Hidden Job Market
  • networking
  • online identity management
  • business directories
  • social networking/LinkedIn
  • job board tools
  • sourcing industry trends
  • subject matter expertise-building
  • direct sourcing by employers & recruiters
  • and much, much more!

Once the tweet series wraps up this Autumn, a free eBook containing all the tips showcased on Twitter will be available through CDI and all participating members – make sure you grab your copy when this rich resource becomes available.

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Because this tweet series encompasses tips relevant to a wide array of job seekers, and I specialize in serving mid-career to senior executives, I’ll be sifting through each day’s tweets to find the nuggets most relevant to my client’s needs and retweeting those. So if you’d like to follow the series in its entirety, follow @careerhero. If you prefer to just follow the executive-relevant tweets in the series, follow@brandyoucoach.

But whatever you do, don’t miss out on this incredible collection of career search wisdom!

Here’s to your executive career search success!