#3 Best Executive Resume – 2011 TORI Awards

Eric (not his real name) was referred to Executive Resume Rescue for help in writing his first-ever resume in the midst of his 20-year+ career with a major US automaker. With sales declining industry-wide in the midst of the deepest recession seen in the US since the Great Depression, Eric wanted to position himself for a “just-in-case” external search. He anticipated layoffs to come and wanted to be ready for a strategic search if one was needed.

Our branding and achievement-identification process sourced incredible achievements in Eric’s career and helped identify green marketing as one of his key strengths. This expertise formed the basis of his branding, as well as the resume logo and color scheme we designed for him.

The result? Eric’s new resume helped him avoid widespread layoffs and survive a company-wide reorganization. It also positioned him for 2 rapid promotions in less than a year – not bad at all for a man who’d never had a resume before.