35 Tools & Apps to Streamline Your Executive Job Search

executive job search apps“Work smarter, not harder” is great advice, don’t you think? So why make your job search harder than it has to be when you can work smarter and save valuable time?

Sift through this list of 35 tools and apps to find the ones you most want to leverage. Take it easy on yourself, though, and start with just 2-3. Add new tools to your search as you get up to speed with the ones you’re already using. Yes, you can streamline your executive job search, but do it gently so you don’t overwhelm yourself with to-dos.

Job Search Communications

  • Gmail Canned Emails: Gmail is the #1 email client I recommend for career management and job search. With massive storage, a ton of great apps, and helpful Google Labs tools such as canned emails, how can you go wrong? Canned emails is an optional free add-on to Gmail that allows you to create, save, and reuse email templates. This is a significant time-saver for networking and communications with recruiters and companies.
  • Business Card Reader: With Business Card Reader you can take a picture of a business card and leverage text recognition technology to automagically add it to your iPhone address book. Integrates with LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Evernote to name but a few. If you’re conducting a lot of face-to-face networking, this app would be quite helpful.
  • SnapDat Business Card: SnapDat is the #1 app for designing and sending digital business cards through your iPhone. You can create unlimited custom versions via provided templates or photos and send them instantly to your contact’s address.
  • Pocket Resume: If you plan to get involved in mobile job searching, then you’ll probably want to check out Pocket Resume. It enables you to create, edit, and send your resume from your mobile device. Template based, it will format and output your resume in PDF or RTF formats. You can also import your LinkedIn profile to simplify the resume-building process.
  • Lunchmeet: Trying to set up a networking meeting on the fly? Lunchmeet can help. This app searches your location and available timeslot to help you hook up with others in your area for coffee, lunch, or drinks. Using the in-app messaging feature you can arrange short-notice meetings.


  • LinkedIn:This mobile app for iPhone and iPad helps you take your personal brand-building on the road. Create connections and engage with online content from anywhere. Update your profile, search for people, jobs, and companies, follow influencers, and view, save, and apply for jobs with your profile.
  • PowerNetwork 1000: This is a new service created by a recruiter with a passion for helping job seekers to build up their networks and benefit more from LinkedIn. PowerNetwork 1000 connects you to open networkers and in the process builds your second-level connections to 700K+ within 14 days.
  • Beknown Facebook App: If you’re a regular Facebook user, you might want to consider using the BeKnown app. This tool works with the timeline feature to create a career identity for on Facebook that doesn’t mix your professional and personal lives. In other words, you can share experience and accomplishments without revealing your friend network or social interactions.
  • Career Sonar: This tool connects your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts and aggregates and ranks open positions by the strengths of your social connections to the jobs. Naturally this helps you to leverage those contacts to get your foot in the door.
  • Klout: This social networking tool measures online influence based on your ability to drive action. Some employers examine Klout scores as a hiring factor and interviewing issue.
  • Naymz: Extend your personal brand with this online reputation network. Build and monitor your online reputation and promote your brand on search engines.
  • Plaxo: Plaxo organizes your contacts across social networks and devices, making it easy to change details when you land a new job or have new contact information to convey.

Job Search Organization

  • JibberJobber: Probably the best such tool of its kind, JibberJobber not only tracks jobs you’ve applied for, but helps you monitor networking activities and targeted companies. JibberJobber doesn’t just track, though, it also helps you to nurture contacts, develop relationships, and determine degrees of separation. Plus, you can export your LinkedIn contacts to JibberJobber.
  • 44score: This tool helps keep your search organized by tracking submitted job applications, networking, and reminders. It not only helps you get up to speed quickly when recruiters call but also helps you satisfy your reporting requirements for your state’s unemployment insurance. In addition, 44score tracks your to-dos for the week and helps you monitor evolving networking conversations.
  • Good Job: Good Job assists job seekers in organizing their search. It tracks jobs, contacts, actions, events, and follow-ups, and enables you to prioritize opportunities. It also helps track interview results and which resume version you sent to which job opportunity. 
  • Perfect Job: Part CRM and part job search organizer, Perfect Job links you search information, organizes activities by contact person, tracks network relationships across contacts, and store multiple resume versions and link them with contacts and activities so you know which one you sent to whom, and when.
  • Job Tabs: Job Tabs is a comprehensive job search software program that combines resume management, search agents, job feeds, a job application wizard, and recruiter submission management. Track your job submissions, networking contacts, and company targets all in one application.

Recruiter Databases

  • BlueSteps: BlueSteps.com is really an executive job board, but one of the things that sets it apart is inclusion of their proprietary recruiter directory as part of your paid membership. Owned by the Association of Executive Search Consultants, BlueSteps includes only retained executive recruiters in their database. If you’re interested in joining BlueSteps, email me for a coupon code that will save you 20% on your membership fee.
  • Riley Guide: While not a database per se, no list of job search aids would be complete without mentioning the Riley Guide. This page will lead you to a list of fee and free recruiter databases which should enable you to target dozens to hundreds in your search.

Company Research

  • GlassDoor: This site’s app gives you access to the inside track re what’s going on in a company, from salaries and company reviews to open positions.
  • ReferenceUSA: Available through most libraries for a modest fee, ReferenceUSA is a patrons-only business research tool. Searchable by location, industry, size, and dozens of other parameters, you can use this tool to source new target companies in your preferred geographic areas.
  • Forbes Lists: You may want to check out a company’s Forbes standing or follow leads that these venerable lists contain. Either way the lists offer a quick starting point for company research.
  • Inc 500: Another way to slice and dice company research is to check out the 5K fastest-growing private companies in the US. Select Top 100 Lists to drill down by industry, revenue, and many, many more options.
  • Hoovers: This stand-by business research tool offers free and paid versions. It’s a great source for industry overviews, company directories, and Fortune 500 lists. You can also use it to create targeted lists of employers to pursue 85M decision-makers in 900 industries.
  • Businessweek Online: Research compensation, executive biographies, and board relationships of 42K public and 322K private companies worldwide with Businessweek online. You can also access stock quotes, news/press releases, financial data, and key competitors.
  • Newslink: A great tool for penetrating the Hidden Job Market is using what’s known as “spot opportunity” letters to leverage timely company news as a way to get your foot in a company’s door. Newslink enables you to search for news articles online via companies, industries, and key word topics. In addition, it lists state and market links to ever major media outlet in the US and beyond.
  • Hidden Jobs: Hidden Jobs is a tool to help uncover, well, hidden jobs. This service sifts through company websites, newspapers, press releases, and other online media to identify companies in expansion mode. Using the data this tool provides, you can target companies ripe for hiring.

Job Lead-Finding

  • TwitJobSearch: This app takes advantage of Twitter to help you access the more than 1,000 jobs posted hourly on the social network. Enabling you to quickly find and apply open positions posted to Twitter via single-tap “pitches,” with TwitJobSearch you can upload a resume or even a video and send the employer a link to your social media profile.
  • Tweet My Jobs: Tweet My Jobs connects job seekers with job matches and delivers those matches via email, Twitter, or a mobile device.
  • Jobrio: While online job boards are one of the weakest search strategies for executives to use, if you’re going to use them anyway make sure you do so in the smartest way possible. This mobile app is a job lead aggregator that combines job postings from the 13 of the top boards, including LinkedIn and Indeed.com.
  • Job Finder: This tool aggregates jobs from multiple online locations automatically. Using RSS, it pulls job leads in 73 career categories from sites such as SimplyHired and Hireability.
  • Job Compass: This iPhone and iPad app searches millions of jobs spanning 55 countries and locates them on a map to show you where they are in relation to a specific address or zip code. This offers obvious benefits for those of you who want to stay in the same location and are concerned about commute times.


  • What Color Is Your Parachute Interview Tool: You have no doubt heard of What Color Is Your Parachute, the world’s most popular job-hunting guide written by career guru Richard Bolles. With this app you can access Bolles’ interview advice on the go, from his job interview prep tips to 5 questions to ask and be prepared to answer. He also shares how to display your transferable skills and helps you avoid the Top 10 mistakes.
  • Interview Prep: Too many job seekers ignore the importance of interview preparation, even at the executive level. This app deepens your preparation by offering sample typical interview questions and answers in a virtual flash card format. You can customize questions, build out a favorites deck, and set mastered questions aside so you can concentrate on those you’re still perfecting.

Career Planning

  • iPQ Career Planner: If you’re not sure what direction you want to head in next in your career, iPQ Planner may be able to help. This app helps you identify your ideal job via a 52-question assessment. It identifies your strengths and weaknesses, shows you how to address them, and suggests matching jobs and careers.

Which job search tools and apps are your favorites and why?



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