New JobSearchU Online Class: Your Job Search Roadmap

I’ve always intended JobSearchU to be more than a blog, and that is finally a reality with the launch of Your Job Search Roadmap, a 4-week, self-paced online class. Laura DeCarlo, President of Career Directors International, likes to point out to clients that a spiffy new resume without coaching is like a BMW without an engine – it looks good, but it isn’t going to take you anywhere.

Why is job search coaching so valuable? In a nutshell, because most job seekers don’t search in the ways that are best for them. Most over-use job boards and under-use networking. And most job seekers dramatically under-use LinkedIn.

Consider this: the average job search length in the US right now is 1 year. You might assume that length is due to the state of the labor market, but that is decidedly not so. There are fewer jobs available now and historic numbers of applicants – that’s true. But the real problem is that too many job seekers are looking for work in outdated ways. What each job seeker needs, then, is a strategy tailored to their needs, a strategy that will guide them to promote their candidacy in ways that match their career level, experience, and brand.

Should every job seeker use job boards? No. Should every job seeker use the same job boards? No. Will every job seeker be sought after by recruiters? No. Should every job seeker use the same offline or online networking strategies, regardless of the circumstances? No. Customization to your career level, job search target(s), confidentiality needs, and available job search time are absolutely critical.

Okay, so coaching makes good sense for job seekers. The problem is, though, that many clients cannot afford to add the cost of job search coaching to their executive resume purchase. Your Job Search Roadmap attempts to solve that problem by offering job seekers access to coaching in a more affordable form.

This web-based class is designed to last 4 weeks, but since it is self-paced, you are welcome to move slower or faster through the material as befits your needs. The class guides you to:

  • Recognize your career branding and gather the details needed to demonstrate it in written and verbal form.
  • Identify your job search targets (industries, titles/role levels, and preferred geographic areas).
  • Incorporate your branding into your email/voice mail communications and personal commercials.
  • Select the right job search strategies (job boards, recruiters, LinkedIn, networking, and targeted employer contact) and finetune those strategies to meet your situation and needs.
  • Carve time out of your busy life to conduct an effective search and to automate portions of the search.
  • Stay focused and plan strategic job search actions week-by-week.

Your Job Search Roadmap offers 3 levels of support and pricing:

  • Do-it-Yourself: For do-it-yourselfers who don’t need or won’t use discussion boards and/or coaching. You get the same content as in the other 2 levels, but you work through it on your own. Technical support is provided. Your cost: $79 – now $63.
  • Discussion Board Support: For do-it-yourselfers who want to be able to share ideas with peers and their instructor (me) in a discussion forum. You get the same content as the other 2 levels, but you work through it with discussion support. Technical support is provided. Your cost: $149 – not available until more participants enroll.
  • Coaching + Discussion Board Support: For help-me-with-this users who need or want one-on-one feedback from a seasoned Career & Job Search Coach. You get the same content as the other 2 levels, but you work through it with my web-based support. Technical support is provided. Your cost: $249 – $149 for a limited time.

Ready to take action on your job search strategy?

  • Call me with your questions: 614.891.9043.
  • Click on the Contact Me button on the upper left-hand side of this page to sign up for the class.

Here’s to the strategy engine in your BMW search!