Rebrand Yourself on LinkedIn

Rebrand Yourself on LinkedIn

A few years ago, personal branding guru William Arruda posted a brand-driven formula for summaries on LinkedIn. Intrigued, I thought I’d give it a try. Using Arruda’s suggested process, I brainstormed content and crafted this possible new version of my summary. What do you think?

My Current LinkedIn Profile 

Dear Executive Job Seeker:

Would you like to land your next job in 1 to 4 months less?

Although the global economy is in much better shape, executives still face a competitive market and the need to distinguish their career brands in their job hunts.

  • More and more executives are finding that the job search techniques they used to use no longer work.
  • Executives who haven't needed to job search in decades find themselves in transition and unable to quickly gain career search traction with so much catching up to do.
  • Mid-career to senior executives are discovering it's more difficult to stand out and command attention for their candidacy without keyword-infused career communications tools and exceptional branding.

If you want a new role and want to land your next job within 2-4 months,  I can help. I guide my clients to:

  • Strategize a results-generating search campaign.
  • Devise the career communications tools they need to showcase their candidacy.
  • Sustain search momentum while implementing job search best practices the right way.

As a quadruple-certified Executive Career/Job Search Coach, Master Resume Writer, and LinkedIn Strategist, I have more than 30 years of experience in 30+ industries spanning 6 continents. I've earned 24 global resume writing awards and nominations as a thought leader in the career management sector and specialize in serving mid-career to senior executives who take their careers seriously and believe in making use of proven best practices.

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And here's the Arruda-inspired version. Which do you like best?

My ​Arruda-Inspired LinkedIn Profile 

  • ​Mark landed the first job he applied for with his new resume in 1 month.
  • James avoided relocation by landing an executive role locally in 3 months.
  • Tom landed an executive job with no prior job search experience in 3 months.

I’m a Career Coach + Job Search Coach + LinkedIn Coach + an award-winning resume writer. Crafting career solutions isn’t a job for me, it’s a mission in which I place integrity, client satisfaction, and creativity first.


  • I quickly hone in on client brands and leverage LinkedIn and resume positioning strategies to help them overcome career liabilities, redirect their career path, and gain entry to new industries.
  • I’m known for my visually stunning resume designs.
  • People tell me I have an incredible vocabulary. A client once told me I’d used more unique words in 1 hour than he had ever heard anyone use … it does help me to write lean resumes by repeating verbs as little as possible.


  • ​My experience spans 30 years, >30 industries, 6 continents and >1K resumes written.
  • I’ve been blessed with 21 global resume writing awards.
  • The average US executive job search lasts 18-24 months; my clients land in 2-6 months on average.


  • “I know that the majority of roles are found by networking, but I secured this role via a job advert. Well over 100 applicants but your CV got me through the process to the interviews. Many thanks again!”
  • “I am a competitor; I opened your Senior Sales Executive resume sample and was just bowled over. What beautiful, unique work! I've seen attempts at uniqueness but all seemed very far from practical. This amazing resume struck me as both stunning and very effective. I must say, I am humbled.”


C-Suite, Executive-Level, Mid-Career & Mid-Management Job Search Strategies, Resumes & LI Profiles


​Go to to check out my samples & request a no-cost, no-obligation career consultation.

Arruda's process is valuable and, when followed will certainly make a LinkedIn profile stand out. But I do have two concerns about it.

First, his formula generates a lot of good content, but most LinkedIn members will likely struggle to weave that content into a summary that flows well. In addition, his formula produced more content for me than I could fit into my profile; I suspect others will have the same problem. What to keep and what to leave out can be tough decisions when really strong brand-driven content has been brainstormed.

But my greatest concern with Arruda’s suggested profile approach is the lack of career and job search strategy for those in passive or active search mode. Yes, his method does help focus the profile on a particular audience, and it does include a keyword section. But his process would be stronger if it also included:

  • ​Research into peer candidates looking for the same kinds of roles.
  • Research into job descriptions of targeted positions.
  • Analysis of how to position one’s candidacy (types of positions to target, the level of those roles).
  • How to structure the summary to best meet the candidate’s short-, mid-, and long-term career goals.

For those who are creating LinkedIn profiles for generic usage and who are not actively or passively seeking a new role, Arruda’s profile-writing process is a terrific starting place. If those who plan to position themselves for the perfect next job add a few key elements specifically for that purpose, they will surely attract recruiters and hiring executives galore.

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Cheryl is a Career, Job Search & LinkedIn Coach and Master Resume Writer. She has helped clients in >35 industries on 6 continents and has earned 24 global resume writing nominations and awards.