5 More Ways to Take Your LinkedIn Skills to the Next Level

Master LinkedIn for Your Career & BusinessEarlier this month I outlined a few of the topics that LinkedIn Trainer and Consultant Teddy Burriss and I will be discussing in our August 30th webinar. Since you can (almost) never get too much of a good thing, I’d like to share a few more insights with you about the topics we’ll be covering in Master LinkedIn for Your Career & Business.


What to Do Immediately After You Connect with Someone on LinkedIn

We all complain about the lack of civility in so many quarters of our society, but what are you, personally, committed to doing about it? One simple action step on is key to elevating your LinkedIn outreach above what everyone else is doing. After all, standing out is how you become more visible.


The Best Ways to Connect with Someone That You Don’t Already Know

Many of us are reluctant to invite folks who are essentially strangers to connect with us on LinkedIn. Is there a different way to approach this persistent dilemma? Indeed, there is, and we’ll be talking about this next Thursday. The approach we’ll share is key to getting your networking relationships off to a great start.


Why Bother with LinkedIn at All?

In case you’re someone who hasn’t yet done much on LinkedIn, aside from perhaps creating a profile (if that), this is an important question to consider. Let us show the reasons why LinkedIn continues to matter more than ever before. If 100s of millions of other professionals are making money via the site and discovering/engaging in business relationships that lead to fresh career opportunities, why shouldn’t you?


How to Share Content on LinkedIn … and Why You Should

Once you’ve created the profile and the network you need on LinkedIn, you also need to consider how to become more visible on a platform that boasts more than 500 million members. LinkedIn posts are one key option you will want to consider, as they give you the opportunity to share text, images, videos, and web links, not to mention third-party content. We’ll show you how to do each of these and we’ll introduce you to Post Analytics which will help you analyze and fine tune your results.


Simple Ways to Boost Your LinkedIn Engagement

LinkedIn wasn’t created to be a static, create-it-and-forget-it platform. Rather, it was created t be a communal sharing platform that helps you build and leverage exceptional business relationships. To that end, engagement matters, and there are simple, low-effort ways to engage that can yield results over a short period of time. Strategic likes, comments, and shares on articles, endorsements, birthday and anniversary greetings, and tagging others in discussions and comments are all actions that each take precious little time, but build up benefits over time like small daily deposits to a high-yield savings account.


In addition to the webinar recording, in case the date and time don’t match your schedule, participants will also receive Teddy’s e-books and my proprietary recruiter relationship-building kit. This latter plus is critical because just sending your business information or resume to recruiters isn’t enough anymore to get them interested in you. What is? Let me show you … join us, won’t you? Sign up here while seats (limited to 75) remain.

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Cheryl is a Career, Job Search & LinkedIn Coach and Master Resume Writer. She has helped clients in >35 industries on 6 continents and has earned 24 global resume writing nominations and awards.