6 Automation Hacks to Streamline Your LinkedIn Networking

6 Automation Hacks to Streamline Your LinkedIn NetworkingIf you’ve been listening to the daily Career Seekers Summit interviews, then you’ve hopefully picked up a few new networking and job search strategies to employ. Unfortunately, a lot of job seekers don’t realize that there are ways to make your LinkedIn networking more effective … and the good news is that many of them can be automated partially or completely, which is a tremendous time-saver.

A simple example is that of a LinkedIn signature. We all know that our emails should contain a signature alerting our recipient to our title, workplace, and contact information. Our LinkedIn messages should do the same, but there’s no automatic way to do this on their platform. An app called Linked Helper quickly automates this process (there is a $15 per month fee to use the app, but you can discontinue once your search is successful).

After downloading the app, login to LinkedIn, and click on “Add my signature to manual messages.”

Linked Helper screenshot 1

Linked Helper screenshot 1

Next, insert the information you wish to include in your signature. If you’re currently employed, you may want to list your present title and employer, along with your personal contact details. If you’re currently unemployed, I would suggest using a networking title (see my comments below), your personal contact details, and a quick outline of your job search parameters like this:

Johnette Smith

Senior Finance Executive

Targeting: Southwest US | Financial Services & Insurance Firms



Once you have input your desired LinkedIn signature, click on Save and Add Signature. Linked Helper will now automatically insert your signature each time you launch an InMail or message on LinkedIn. This single feature saves me hours of time every month, and I can only imagine it would do likewise for most job seekers.

But, Linked Helper can do so much more to streamline and automate your LinkedIn networking. Here are but a few examples of things it can help you to do (and which, as a strategic job seeker, you should do):

  • Elevate your 2nd– and 3rd-level connections to 1st-level connections. Linked Helper enables you to automatically collect sub-lists of people and automates the sending of connection invitations.
  • Outreach to your 1st-level or Group connections. You can send a single message to many folks at a time to source recruiter, company, and hiring executive contacts.
  • Automate the visiting of target profiles. This handy feature helps you to identify the email address of LinkedIn members without hunting for them profile-by-profile. You do have to download an additional tool to help with this, but it’s a fairly simple process which allows you to take your job search self-marketing directly to the member offsite – helpful for when the person isn’t responding to InMails or messages within LinkedIn.
  • Endorse contacts. Hopefully you know by now that endorsing someone tends to invite their endorsement of you. This feature greatly speeds this process by automating endorsements within the parameters you set – another major job search timesaver.
  • Launch your own LinkedIn Group. With Linked Helper, you can automagically invite some or all your 1st-level connections to join your Group. This is a super way to get your Group up and running fast.
  • Message recently added connections. Once someone accepts your invitation to connect on LinkedIn, you should message them back your thanks, but this is tedious to do if you’re rolling out a lot of connection invitations. Let Linked Helper do this for you via automation.

Linked Helper can do much more, but this list gives you some important features to think about that could make a real difference in your self-marketing while enabling you to network more effectively on LinkedIn.

Look, I know this networking stuff can feel overwhelming. Why not leverage technology to automate the parts of the process that can be streamlined, leaving you more time for phone calls and face-to-face meetings? The one thing you must be cautious about, though, are message limits. Here are the limits that Linked Helper recommends for those with accounts older than one year:

  • Invitations / connection requests —100 / day
  • Messages to 1st connections — 150 / day
  • Messages to group members — 15 / month per all LinkedIn groups
  • Endorsements — 60 /day
  • Profile Extractor — 150 / day
  • Profile Auto-Visiting —150 / day
  • Profile Auto-Follower — 150 / day
  • Collect from search (for inviting, messaging, exports or auto-visiting) — 2000 contacts / day

These limits will help you avoid penalties from LinkedIn. Check out this link for more information about Linked Helper’s recommendations. To view their YouTube channel and all kinds of help videos, stop by this link.

If you need more guidance on the best ways to change careers or land your next great job, make sure you take a closer look at the Career Seekers Summit. Although the Summit itself is now over, you can still access all the interviews (30 of them) for the next year via a paid option.

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