You’re Invited to the World’s Largest Online Event for Career & Job Seekers

You’re Invited to the World’s Largest Online Event for Career & Job SeekersDo you like to learn via podcasts and videos? If so, and you’re contemplating or actively seeking a career or job change in 2018, you owe it to yourself to check out the slate of expert interviews lined up at the largest-ever online event for career seekers, the Career Seekers Summit. The host, Kristin Hiemstra, has pulled together a stellar collection of experts to interview.

As you can see, this Summit includes topics ranging from confidence and emotional wellness to job search planning, resume writing, Applicant Tracking Systems (from both the job seeker’s and the employer’s perspectives), interviewing, career branding, ageism, purpose-finding, salary negotiations, and so much more:

  • Rock Your Interview & Your Degree with Carolyn Naseer
  • One Stupid Decision Away from Awesome with Caribou Honig
  • How to Negotiate Your Salary with Shana Plott
  • Find Your Calling with Sherrie Dillard
  • Overcome Ageism & Build Your Brand with Cheryl Lynch Simpson
  • Look Fabulous in an Interview with Wendy Bryant Gow
  • Create Multiple Streams of Money with Sharon Good
  • Build an Awesome LinkedIn Profile with Melanie Denny
  • Leverage Your Experience with Peter Gundmundsson
  • Get Love from the Applicant Tracking System with Robin Schlinger
  • Get Confident with Emily Liou
  • Resume. Talk. Ever. with Georgia Adamson
  • Fail Your Way to Success with Samantha Strazanac
  • Create a Kickass Job Search Plan with Hannah Clarke
  • The Power of the Authentic Interview with Gabrielle Garon
  • How to Get Results with Recruiters with Carrie Christiano
  • Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life with Alex Poeter
  • Best Interview Question Ever with Nina Semczuk
  • How HR Uses Applicant Tracking Systems with Kelly Gangl
  • Forget the Resume, Get Employers to Find You with Larry Kitts
  • Discover Your Passion with Aurora Manegello
  • How to Work the Room with Carrie Christiano
  • Power Up & Pilot Your Emotions with Liz Alterman

If you were to go searching for experts on all of these topics, it would take you hours and hours and hours to piece together this much wisdom. Imagine listening to one of these interviews a day for the best part of a month and implementing the suggestions offered in each. How different would your career or your job search be at the end of the month? How different would you be? That’s the value of collecting great wisdom and consciously marinating in it for weeks on end.

It’s not too late to check out the Summit, which lasts through July 7th. Sign up here. See you online!

About Cheryl Lynch Simpson

Cheryl is a Career, Job Search & LinkedIn Coach and Master Resume Writer. She has helped clients in >35 industries on 6 continents and has earned 24 global resume writing nominations and awards.