Company Research Basics

Research, research, research! That’s one of your key tasks as a job seeker … to research employers. You conduct this research to:

  • Identify potential employers to contact.
  • Evaluate potential employers as key prospects for your search.
  • Learn about the company prior to interviews, negotiations, and acceptance of a job offer.

Okay, but what specific kinds of information are you looking for?

  • Company mission, values, and vision.
  • Company history; evidence of growth.
  • Financial status; sales history; history of layoffs/downsizings/rightsizings.
  • Sources of revenue; product lines; diversification; new/emerging products/services.
  • Types of positions they hire for; benefit packages; salary structure.
  • Internal organization; position titles of executives/directors/managers.
  • News articles published about a company; press releases published by a company.
  • Comparisons of how a particular employer stacks up with competitors (Best’s insurance ratings is a class example).
  • Names of corporate officers, board members, and key staff members in the department(s) you are most interested in joining.

When conducting employer/industry research, remember that your local reference librarian is one key contact you won’t want to miss!

Check out these sample resources available through most public library systems for free:

Happy hunting

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