Following Up with Recruiters, Part 2


Cheryl, I want to give you some updates: I was able to talk to couple of the recruiters today. One is a recruiting company referred by a friend of mine, the other is wita company I am interested in. The recruiting company email some positions for me to review. My call with the other recruiter was a short conversation. He wants to know if I have any preferences in office locations and want to find out about my compensation. He then indicated he will pass my resume to the hiring manager, and I should hear back by end of this week/perhaps can arrange for an interview. I plan to follow up to make sure an interview will be arranged. Do you have any suggestions/thoughts?


Thanks for the update, Sally. You’ve had some great results already! Recruiters are very selective about who they work with and how soon they follow-up with you, so the fact that you are already seeing forward momentum tells me that you match the needs of one or more of their clients/open positions. Great work!

If you haven’t already done so, send both recruiters a brief thank you note/email and use that space to reiterate some of your best qualities, credentials, and achievements. Keep it brief, but let them know what you would bring to the table. Make sure you focus on the results you create in your work.

Do something similar when you follow-up with each recruiter. When you’re on the phone with them or leave a voice mail for them, briefly refer to your strengths and scope of experience.

Good luck! Let me know what happens.
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