8 Browser Apps & Extensions to Boost Your LinkedIn Productivity

8 Browser Apps & Extensions to Boost Your LinkedIn ProductivityWith all the talk about how automation will eventually eliminate thousands of jobs, we sometimes forget to talk about all the ways automation can streamline a job search. If you’re on the hunt for time-saving apps and browser extensions, here are some of my faves. For each, I’ve outlined how they can contribute to key job hunt tasks.

LinkedIn Helper

  • Job Search Dilemma: Although LinkedIn is a powerful social networking tool, it has an appalling lack of features that would make networking easy. There’s no built-in way to create message templates or automate messages to contacts or prospective connections and, aside from LinkedIn’s automated invite suggestions, there’s no way to expand your network in new directions without doing so manually.
  • Job Search Solution: LinkedIn Helper does all of that and more. It will automatically target contacts for you and send personalized invitations to your 2nd– and 3rd-level contacts (which you know you should do, right?). It can automagically send a sequential message series for you (to recruiters, say, which is a major time saver), export saved profiles to a CSV file, help you get hundreds of endorsements (helpful if you’re just building your Skills section or are in the process of realigning your keywords), and insert your custom signature to all your outgoing LinkedIn messages.
  • Compatibility: Chrome
  • Cost: $15 per month with a free trial available.


  • Job Search Dilemma: Keeping track of key details on your LinkedIn connections and prospective connections is challenging at best using the built-in networking features. LinkedIn removed its tagging feature, leaving you with no way to keep notes on connections when you have a free profile.
  • Job Search Solution: The Dux-Soup extension tracks profiles that you visit and allows you to tag and/or take notes on any LinkedIn member’s profile (even those that aren’t first-level connections). Dux-Soup automates the process of viewing up to 100 profiles daily or even members of a LinkedIn Group. Later, you can search profiles you’ve saved by keyword or tag.
  • Compatibility: Chrome
  • Cost: Offers a forever-free version or a more extensive option for $15 per month.


  • Job Search Dilemma: To grow your LinkedIn network during a job hunt, you will need to find and invite potentially hundreds of users. Sourcing those users and personalizing those invitations (which you should always do) is time-consuming to say the least. Yes, you can create a quick template and save it in Word or Notepad so you can then copy/paste into the LinkedIn messaging app, but that, too, is time-consuming and unnecessarily clunky.
  • Job Search Solution: LinMailPro streamlines this sourcing and messaging process for by automating private notes to your connections. In the app you can search for new or current connections or people who viewed your profile and send an automated outreach. If you’re judicious about reaching out to new contacts on a daily or weekly basis, LinMailPro will save you a significant amount of time.
  • Compatibility:
  • Cost: $58.50 per month or more (no free version or trial is available). This is costly, but keep in mind that as a job seeker you are only likely to need such a service for several months (assuming that you leverage the best job search strategies, of course).

LinkedIn Connection Revealer

  • Job Search Dilemma: If you’re ever curious about how many connections someone may have on LinkedIn, you’ll get limited help from LinkedIn itself – it unhelpfully only lists a specific number when the user has 499 or fewer contacts.
  • Job Search Solution: LinkedIn Connection Revealer is a simple plug-in that overcomes this strange, self-imposed LinkedIn limitation. Once installed, it will reveal the exact connection count of any LinkedIn member, including those that exceed 500. This insight can help you determine which LinkedIn members to invite to connect with you as you expand your network strategically into key industries or companies.
  • Compatibility: Chrome
  • Cost: Free


  • Job Search Dilemma: As you sift through contacts or identify people you’d like to connect with in target companies, you may sometimes find it helpful to explore salary data. Generic salary information is available in multiple places on the web, but it’s tedious to aggregate that data across multiple sources by hand.
  • Job Search Solution: Recap.work automates this process for you. This plug-in pulls data from Glassdoor for you to calculate the contact’s likely salary. It also summarizes their current job and key skills for you. This information helps you to estimate salary ranges in the department(s) you want to join in a target company.
  • Compatibility: Chrome
  • Cost: Free 10 recaps per day; $9.95 to $15.95 for 100+ recaps per day.

Auto Text Expander

  • Job Search Dilemma: As you conduct your job hunt, you’ll find repeat yourself a lot in emails. If you install the optional Google Labs app, you can create email templates you can recycle over and over, but the app is clunky and limited in its functionality.
  • Job Search Solution: Auto Text Expander is one possible answer. This browser extension allows you to customize a list of emails or phrases that you use frequently and add them to your messages via keystroke shortcuts, like AutoText for Windows but synched across your Chrome browsers.
  • Compatibility: Chrome
  • Cost: Free

Boomerang for Gmail

  • Job Search Dilemma: Managing your email communications in a job search can be tricky. You may do the bulk of your search activities on weekends, for example, which means that any emails you send will also be sent on weekends and this isn’t always advantageous. In addition, when you send a lot of job search emails, it can be tough to track which ones require follow-up later.
  • Job Search Solution: Boomerang for Gmail enables you to write emails when it’s convenient for you and schedule them to be sent later of your choosing. And, if you don’t receive a reply within a timeframe you specify, Boomerang will remind you to follow up. Boomerang will also remove messages from you Inbox if you value a clutter-free look and push it back at the time of your choice so you can act on it at will – no more clogged inbox filled with to-dos.
  • Compatibility: Gmail
  • Cost: A free version entitles you to send 10 emails per month; paid versions cost $4.99 to $49.99 per month for unlimited email credits.

Sell Hack

  • Job Search Dilemma: One of the basic LinkedIn to-dos every job seeker should do is visit the profiles of your targeted contacts, recruiters, and hiring executives. As you do so, it’s smart to identify each person’s email address in case you want to contact them outside of LinkedIn. This can be a time-consuming and mind-numbing process.
  • Job Search Solution: Like many email database mining apps and software products, the SellHack browser extension, enables you to identify the email address of any site you visit, including any of LinkedIn’s 500 million users. Many users automatically post a public email on their profile, but SellHack saves you a click for every profile you visit, which could add up to dozens and dozens of clicks daily or hundreds over the course of a week or a month. SellHack also allows you to send personalized emails to the email lists you build – you can even “drip” emails to your list to automate some of your self-marketing.
  • Compatibility: Chrome, Firefox & Safari
  • Cost: $19 per month (no free or trial version is available)

What time-saving apps or extensions have you found that help you streamline your job search?