10 Daily Habits to Energize Your Job Hunt

10 Daily Habits to Energize Your Job Hunt As we enter into the second-hottest hiring period of the year, you may be gearing up for a job hunt, prior to the start of the holiday season. If you’re presently laying the groundwork for a job search, you might want to add these to-dos to your daily habits list:

  1. Answer your job search emails. I recommend using a dedicated personal email account for all of your job search and career management communications. Checking it daily, even when you are not in an active search, is a must-do to ensure you always put your best foot forward and do not miss out on important opportunities.
  2. Respond to your LinkedIn messages and InMails. Likewise, it is imperative to check your LinkedIn inbox daily to stay on top of emerging opportunities and networking communications.
  3. Accept and issue relevant LinkedIn connection invitations. I suggest responding to connection invitations within 48 hours whenever possible. In addition, an active job search demands that you invest time in identifying and cultivating new relationships; I recommend issuing new invites to connect on a daily basis (aim for 10 a day).
  4. Read digests from your LinkedIn Group discussion boards and identify comment or contribution openings. So many job seekers underutilize the LinkedIn Groups feature. A key daily to-do is to read any group discussion digests you receive and scour them for conversations to which you can contribute BrandYou™ content. Since I urge my clients to join as close to 50 groups as they can (which is the maximum LinkedIn allows you to join), this gives them a rich array of digests to peruse each week.
  5. Identify or develop content for your next LinkedIn status update or article. Even more important is to review content daily that you can either appropriately repost or incorporate into original content for sharing via LinkedIn’s status update or article features. Either feature will give your content a wide audience; depending on your status update choices you’ll either be sharing yours with your whole network or the entire LinkedIn membership. Articles are automatically shared with your whole network and the entire LinkedIn membership.
  6. Elevate your third-level LinkedIn connections to second-level connections and your second-levels to first-levels. A smart ongoing activity is to raise up each of your most valued LinkedIn connections to the next level. That is, promote your third-level connections to the second level and those on the second level to the first. This will require you to issue connection invitations to these folks, of course, but you might want to also use this opportunity to explain your motivation. A simple message add-in will suffice: Because I value my relationship with you, I would like to boost our connection level via a direct invite that I believe will benefit both of us.
  7. Advance your relationships with the LinkedIn connections you have in target companies. You do have a target company list, right? For each, it’s smart to develop and/or advance relationships with key folks, especially those who work in or close to the department(s) you are targeting. Make it a goal to build new or advance relationships with each target company on your list every day.
  8. Review any job board emails you receive with lists of open jobs that match your criteria and advance or develop connections with those companies. While I don’t recommend a traditional job board job search, you can boost the odds of getting an interview when you apply online if you first build relevant relationships via LinkedIn. If you want to apply for a director-level role at company ABC, for example, first go to LinkedIn to see who in your network knows someone there. In addition, try building new connections or requesting introductions to key folks within the department hiring for the open position.
  9. Follow the blog posts and tweets of your target companies and watch for opportunities to comment. Whether you’re an avid consumer of social media or not, it just makes good sense to stay on top of blog posts newsletters, and tweets from your target companies. Stay tuned for posts you can comment on or contribute to or for tweets you can share. Above all, watch for posts that cue you in to job openings and organizational shifts that may create job openings.
  10. Read news about your target companies and watch for opportunities to put your candidacy forward. In addition to consuming the social media of your target companies, it’s also vital to watch for company and industry news through myriad sources. Try setting up Google alerts on each of your company targets so you are aware of news mentions or press releases. Follow these with a “spot opportunity” letter when you come across news that aligns with your Why-Buy-ROI or career brand.

There are four quick things to notice about this list:

  • Seven of the 10 suggested job search activities involve LinkedIn. Are you spending enough time leveraging its full capabilities?
  • You’ll see no recommendation to peruse online job postings. This should be a small part of your overall search strategy, but if you choose to pursue jobs posted online why not leverage technology to help you automate parts of the process?
  • The suggested LinkedIn action steps generally involve taking relationships to the next level or staying alert for opportunities to present your brand.

Get ready to get hired fast in the balance of 2017!


[This article was originally published on LinkedIn and has been updated with current job search best practices.]