The Once-Yearly ERR Free LinkedIn Profile Promotion

LinkedIn job searchMy once-a-year complimentary LinkedIn profile promotion is here … now through December 31, 2016, you can earn a new profile by purchasing a resume makeover.

As you may have read elsewhere, LinkedIn is the #1 candidate sourcing tool used by recruiters to find folks to interview. And while you may already have a LinkedIn profile, is it up to snuff?

Here are 8 ways to determine if you need a profile makeover:

  1. Does your LinkedIn headline capture your Why-Buy-ROI? If not, your profile is almost certainly missing focus and key words.
  2. Does your LinkedIn summary encapsulate your greatest strengths, your relevant experience/credentials, and your greatest impacts on your employer’s bottom lines? If not, your profile is missing even more key words and is failing to distinguish you from other candidates.
  3. Have you age-proofed your profile back to the year 2000? If not, you will likely be screened out of some positions based on this fact alone.
  4. Have you positioned each job on your profile to provide a brief big picture overview along with your greatest achievement in the role? If not, you’re either providing too little or too much of the wrong kinds of details.
  5. Have you emphasized your strategic influence more so than your tactical execution capabilities? If not, you are probably underselling your candidacy and eliminating yourself from consideration for senior executive roles.
  6. Have you maxed out the number of skills LinkedIn allows you to list and evaluated the order in which you list them? If not, you’re missing out on a key way to rank higher in recruiter and hiring manager searches.
  7. Have you maxed out the number of groups LinkedIn allows you to join and considered which it is best to advertise on your profile? If not, you’re failing to take advantage of a critical communications and connection-building tool.
  8. Is your profile’s strategy, focus, and content aligned with your search or career management strategy and the other elements of your career communications portfolio? If not, there is no way that LinkedIn can support or help you to achieve your career goals.

Many job seekers fail to grasp that dumping random content or copying resume content into your LinkedIn profile is a weak way to position yourself online. Your positioning must begin offline and drive your resume’s content as well as your job search marketing plan — only then can you craft a LinkedIn strategy that compliments and extends your brand rather than setting you up to compete with yourself.