BlueSteps Review: Need a Shortcut to Sourcing Executive Recruiters?

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If you’ve followed my blog, articles, or LinkedIn posts, then you know that I advocate using a strategic approach to leverage executive job boards and services. Part of what that means to me is employing the right ones to begin with. One of the job services I suggest to most executive job seekers is

Executive job boards and services provide many purposes in a job hunt that are not always obvious to those in a job search. First is research. Job boards and services are great research tools when you are:

  • Identifying target companies: An executive job board can help you source companies for your list within your target geographic areas.
  • Trying to pinpoint salary ranges for specific jobs in specific geographic areas: While many jobs do not describe compensation within a job posting, those that do can help you ensure your requirements are neither too low or too high for the market(s) you are targeting.
  • Sourcing key words for your resume and LinkedIn profile: While some job listings are remarkably brief, others are quite detailed with lots of key words to help you to tailor your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Job boards come in 5 basic varieties, and all of them offer the above benefits:

  • Meta Job Boards: Meta job boards are those that do not specialize in serving specific industries or geographic areas. Rather, these boards try to “do it all”. Examples include CareerBuilder and Monster, of course, but also Indeed and Simply Hired (which is the job board that LinkedIn uses). Generally speaking, executives will find fewer job leads on these posting sites.
  • Niche Job Boards: Niche job boards specialize in serving specific industries, and most industries have one or more boards for job seekers to use, from government and sales to hospitality and IT and everything in between. Niche sites do sometimes showcase executive-level jobs, though they usually offer a wide range of positions from the ground floor up.
  • Geographic-Specific Job Boards: As the name suggests, geographic job boards focus on certain areas of the globe, whether it’s a region, state, or province, a country, or the whole planet. These job boards may offer some senior-level position listings, but that is now their specialty.
  • Executive Job Boards: Again, as the name suggests, these job boards specialize in listings that are suitable for senior and C-suite executives. Examples are Execunet and Netshare.

There is one executive job service, though, that offers all of the aforementioned benefits and more that no other job boards that I am aware of offer: one of those is access to blue chip recruiters. This is a big deal precisely because so many executives lack the time to conduct a thorough search on their own and are thus anxious to find quality recruiters to work with. In these instances, I recommend to my senior-level clients.

BlueSteps is owned and operated by the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) and as such gives its members access to 9K AESC search consultants on a global basis (75 different countries). This offers members two distinct advantages. First, when AESC search consultants have open positions, they either post them on BlueSteps or use their access to the BlueSteps database to source candidates for those roles. Second, BlueSteps members are permitted to search the AESC database of recruiters (BlueSteps’ International Executive Search Directory) to find search consultants in their industries and target locations.

Let me be clear – you can source recruiter names via free online directories, LinkedIn, or Google, but your search will likely take longer. In addition, the recruiters you find will probably be both retained and contingency consultants who may not advertise which category their services fall into. And most importantly of all, they may not advertise their contact information or welcome submissions.

AESC consultants listed on BlueSteps have been vetted. Their contact information is always listed on the BlueSteps site and is kept up to date. More critical to note, though, is that AESC consultants actively reach out to the BlueSteps membership to find potential candidates for their open requisitions.

For all of the above reasons, consistently ranks as one of the top executive job services I recommend to my C-suite and senior-level clients. Membership not only includes access to open positions AND the AESC recruiter database, it also includes free access to a rich array of career management and job search webinars and chats designed for the executive-level job hunt (I’ve facilitated some of BlueSteps webinars so I can personally attest to their quality and appropriateness for the executive market).

I hope you found this BlueSteps review helpful. Based on my affiliation with BlueSteps as a member of their Executive Career Services Team, I am pleased to offer you a 20% discount on your membership purchase – just use the code CherylSimpson20 when you check-out.

About Cheryl Lynch Simpson

Cheryl is a Career, Job Search & LinkedIn Coach and Master Resume Writer. She has helped clients in >35 industries on 6 continents and has earned 24 global resume writing nominations and awards.