The LinkedIn Weekly Challenge Group for Executives

LinkedIn job searchAre you a mid-career to senior executive in active or passive job search? Are you a VP or C-suite leader who believes in proactive career management and recognizes the power of LinkedIn? If you answered “yes” to either question, then you may wish to join The LinkedIn Weekly Challenge Group, coming in January 2016.

I’ll be hosting the group, which will be open to mid-career and senior executives, regardless of their search status. I will, however, be moderating the group to ensure both challenges and discussions will be worthy of an executive’s time.

Each week I will design and release a challenge which you will be free to execute or take a pass on, depending on your LinkedIn goals and weekly schedule. Each challenge will offer you small but strategic changes you can make on your profile or in your thinking about how you leverage LinkedIn, all with the goal of enhancing your social media presence quietly. The goal here is to improve your LinkedIn presence and know-how without making radical, attention-getting alterations.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely a time for a LinkedIn makeover (when you’re in or anticipating an active career search). But there’s also a place for simple strategic shifts that pay off over time without provoking anyone’s awareness of what you’re doing.

And, most importantly of all, this group will give you an opportunity to elevate your LinkedIn brand without a lot of fuss or effort on your part. If you’re fine with strategic changes week-over-week for the next year, then this group is perfect for you. If, on the other hand, you anticipate an active career search, then this group, while helpful, may not proceed fast enough to help you (that means you may want to engage a LinkedIn and career branding expert to help you reposition your brand online) in the short term.

Stay tuned … I’ll be opening the doors for sign-ups a little later in December. The first LinkedIn challenge will kick off in the first week of January — I hope you join us!