Max-Out Your LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn networking serviceIn my business I frequently encounter recruiters. Over the last few years I’ve been privileged to forge an alliance with one in particular whose innovation mindset is a powerful ally.

Dan Stiffler is a medical device recruiter and principal of Stiffler Search Group. He’s been a referral partner of mine for several years now, so when he told me he was about to launch a unique LinkedIn service I was anxious to hear about his offerings. Through MaxOut LI, Dan offers a network-building service and plans to rollout LinkedIn training in the near future to show LinkedIn users how to maximize their results with insider knowledge of the social media giant’s recruiter application.

Dan’s network-building service is called PowerNetwork 1000 and its aim is to propel your LinkedIn connections to the next level. He offered me a trial of the service and I think you’ll find the results as intriguing as I did.

First, here’s how the service works. After purchasing PowerNetwork 1000, the purchaser schedules a short screen-sharing appointment with Dan who guides the user through the quick-as-lightning process of sending out a strategic series of LinkedIn invitations. This takes mere minutes and results are immediate. In my case I began receiving invitation acceptance emails in seconds (literally). Within hours I’d received dozens and dozens of them and within 48 hours I’d received hundreds of them.

Who does PowerNetwork 1000 connect you with? Open networkers who want to grow their networks and:

  • Have 500+ direct connections (an average of ~3K)
  • Are based in the US or Canada
  • Tend to accept invitations within 14 days
  • Appear to be genuine LI users with a relatively complete profile and a profile photo
  • Are not 3rd-party recruiters

Before trying PowerNetwork 1000 my LinkedIn network comprised @ 510 first-level connections and about 750K second-level connections. Within 2 days I more than doubled my first-level connections and nearly doubled my second-level network – that was a gain of +500 connections in less than 48 hours.

Even more importantly, my network has continued to grow at a faster rate since using PowerNetwork 1000. As of this writing my first-level network exceeds 1.7K connections and my second-level network stands at +1.6M connections.

Clearly this service is a great, yet exceedingly simple way to rapidly forge a strong LinkedIn network. And since your LinkedIn search results are dependent on the size of your network, being able to expand yours quickly is key to getting the results you want. In other words, if your network is small, you’ll receive fewer invitations to connect and will struggle to get traction on LinkedIn. Your profile will also show up in dramatically fewer searches.

If your profile is larger, however, you’ll receive increasingly more invites to connection, you’ll show up in more searches, and you’ll begin attracting opportunities and influencers.

In my PowerNetwork 1000 trial, for example, I received quite a few generic invitation acceptance notes, but I also received messages from power networkers who really “get” what LinkedIn is all about. This opened doors for my business and enabled connections with potential clients and referral partners. In point of fact, the business I attract through LinkedIn has significantly increased since I used this service.

Imagine the possibilities for you. With a dramatically larger network, you’ll enable your profile to show up in more recruiter and hiring manager searches. You’ll find it easier to build connections within your target industry(ies) and with key industry influencers. And if your profile is well-written and loaded with the appropriate key words, you’ll also potentially attract more career opportunities or interviews.

Click here for more details about PowerNetwork 1000 and to take advantage of a 50% off special (be sure to use the promo code”Explode” if you purchase). If you’d like more insight into how recruiters use LinkedIn and how your profile can be optimized for job search purchases, be sure to check out the FAVAR Method of LinkedIn Profile Creation training, also 50% off with the promo code.

Please note that the above are affiliate links. Although I’ve been in this business for +30 years, I have never before publicly applauded a job search product as an affiliate, so that should give you some idea of how I feel about these.