Persistence Really Does Pay Off

A client of mine has been looking for insurance sales jobs and recently tried repeatedly to get in touch with a corporate recruiter. He knew this particular recruiter was sourcing for sales roles in his target geographic area, so he left multiple messages for her after he submitted his resume and cover letter for the job.

At each attempt, he left a pre-prepared personal commercial as a voice mail and made sure his voice was always calm, friendly, and professional – never rushed, frustrated, or desperate.

My client left no more than 2 voice mails weekly for the recruiter and kept this practice up for just over 3 weeks, with no contact from the recruiter in all that time. Then, in week 4, the recruiter finally called back. She noted that she had originally decided to pass him by due to the lack of business degree, but decided to give him an interview based on his appropriate persistence, which is a required trait for sales professionals to have. Needless to say, my client is a happy camper.

The lesson here is not just persistence, though that is certainly key – job seekers often give up way to soon in their pursuit of recruiters, HR managers, and hiring managers. Even more important lessons, though, are readiness and timeliness.

  • Readiness, because he had prepared a personal commercial to leave with each voice mail. Naturally, his commercial reinforced his brand and reminded the recruiter of what he could potentially bring to the table. He advanced the relationship management process with each message by giving the recruiter something to think about and a reason to re-review his resume.
  • Timeliness, because he carefully paced his calls so as not to irritate the recruiter or risk being seen as a pest. He respected her time and his own without losing sight of the goal – to land the interview.

It’s too easy to neglect the relationship management component of recruiter communications. I urge my clients to prepare multiple versions of their personal commercials and track which ones they use each time they communicate with a contact. In this way, they can rotate content while always staying on-brand and 100% prepared. Easy? Sure, if you take the time to brainstorm the commercials and make sure you always have them at hand.

So start writing yours, or engage a professional resume writer to craft them for you. But make sure it gets done. If you don’t, you’re just giving away job opportunities to other folks with similar experience and credentials. And while they will appreciate that, they probably won’t volunteer to pay your mortgage for you anytime soon.