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Upgrade your resume with the help of dozens of job club leaders & career experts on First, take a look at this innovative feature by stopping by the WF Resume Review page. Here’s what you’ll see:

First, every submitted resume istripped of your contact information to protect your confidentiality. Next, it is posted online & the national WaggleForce team of job club leaders are invited to submit their comments & feedback. Members can submit their .02 worth, too, but the real payoff comes from the job club leaders, many of whom are career experts in their own right.

One by one leaders chime in with their opinions on how to strengthen your branding, achievements, summary, & formatting. How can you beat that amount & quality of feedback? Many resume writers like me offer a complimentary resume review process to help you grasp some of the key problems you are facing in this all-critical document, but I don’t know anywhere else where you can get the feedback of multiple experts all at one time.

After you post your resume for this free review, stop back every few days to see what kinds of comments you have received. Make sure you copy/paste comments into a Word file on your pc/laptop so you can review them one by one & either implement their advice or disregard. In some cases you may find that you have received conflicting advice. Consider both sides of the discussion & choose the solution which best seems to suit your situation.

For example, I reviewed a project management resume on this morning & noted that one prior reviewer had recommended that the applicant move his education section to the top of the resume since the candidate in question possessed both an MA & an MBA. This is quite atypical, however, so I offered an alternative solution – to leave the education section at the end of the resume but add the candidate’s degrees in short form to his career summary. I don’t know which option this gentleman will elect to execute, but at least now he has two different ways to approach the issue of advertising his unique educational credentials.

Resume reviews on are open only to members, but membership is free to any job seeker. Stop by today, register, & submit your resume the WaggleForce team at resumes[at]waggleforce[.]com for your multi-member review. And do it today before the queue of resumes gets too long!