Waggle Your Way to a New Job

And just what is a waggle? WaggleForce Founder Tory Johnson compares her new online social networking community for job seekers to the communities that honey bees form. Honey bees do a little dance called a “waggle” to communicate the best local resources to fellow members. WaggleForce-member job clubs like the Brand You[TM] Job Club will do something similar, minus the dance, of course (unless members really, really want to!).

Part of what makes WaggleForce career clubs different is their commitment to waggling – to ensuring that members know the best social networking practices, job search resources, & career branding tools available. After all, why should each individual job seeker figure it all for for him/herself. What a colossal waste of time & energy!

No, it makes much more sense to provide each member with the best of the best. That’s what will empower each job club member to do what needs to be done job search-wise & what will motivate them to persist even when the road seems long & lonely.

Just yesterday I spoke by phone with a client I’m serving as a part of an outplacement program. He’s been using a pretty mediocre resume & (no surprise here), he’s been getting zero results with it – no interviews, no employer interest. Nothing. He’s got my help in the job search, of course, but unfortunately I can’t invite him to a WaggleForce career club (though he can certainly join on his own if he wants to) based on my agreement with the outplacement provider & that’s a shame because he really needs not just expert help but the advice & results-by-example exemplified by peer job seekers. He needs to waggle! And waggling is one thing you just can’t do by yourself.

If you need to waggle, get thee to WaggleForce.com or stop by the Brand You Job Club HQ to check out your options. Stop doing everything alone. Get help. Waggle!