Brand You Job Clubs to Launch in November

WF_Logos_revisedWhen I heard that Tory Johnson, Good Morning America’s Career Coach & CEO of Women for Hire, was preparing to launch a series of local job clubs around the U.S. & was looking for local job club leaders, I quickly signed up. Tory’s national initiative aims to put highly structured, best practices-driven job clubs in every community across the U.S., & I plan to do my part by launching both in-person clubs in the Greater Columbus, OH area as well as online.

While most job clubs offer support, few offer a structured curriculum. Based on a year of intense research detailed in her latest book, Fired to Hired, Johnson has spearheaded the development of a best-in-class 10-week program of guidance for job seekers & is placing this at this disposal of her newly-selected job club leaders.

Tory Johnson has named her national initiative Waggle Force – a name that compares the communal nature of bees with the communities she hopes will form in job clubs everywhere.  A waggle is a dance that bees perform to communicate the whereabouts of the best nectar, pollen, & water.  Of course, job clubs (probably) don’t dance, but they unquestionably do form alliances & share best resources & best practices to get communities back to work.

Stay tuned to this space & for dates, locations, & times of my Brand You Job Clubs.  Get ready to waggle!