LinkedIn Overhaul: Make the Most of the New LinkedIn Profile & Features

The new LinkedIn profileThe always on-the-ball Jason Alba, author of I’m On LinkedIn – Now What???, offered an insightful perspective on the big, big changes at LinkedIn this week. As LinkedIn continues to roll out their new profile look, they’re also overhauling their app system – those handy software widgets that allow us to attach documents, media, and slideshows to our profiles.

More than a few folks panicked when they received notification that the apps were disappearing, since it wasn’t immediately obvious that LinkedIn has a better solution in hand. The good news, though, is that, as Jason observed, “Adding this rich media feature makes a LinkedIn Profile an amazing opportunity to share a lot of stuff… this might really become people’s homepage (aka personal website) a lot more than what it has been for the last nine years.”

The new rich media feature allows you to add a wealth of content with a dazzling array of providers, including:

  • Images –13 providers, including Pinterest and Twitter
  • Videos – 70 providers, including The Daily Show, major media outlets, Vimeo, and YouTube
  • Audio – 13 providers, including SoundCloud and Spotify
  • Presentations & Documents – Google Docs, Prezi, Scribd, and SlideShare

There are even more options, including Behance, Kickstarter, and Quantcast, to name but a few.

Whether you devise your own LinkedIn strategy or engage a professional to craft it for you, be careful with this freedom to add content to your profile. Some of the new options include content types that could push your profile toward annoying. Random comedy additions, for example, may not add value for most career professionals. Tons of news updates wouldn’t seem valuable either. Be judicious. Consider the long-term consequences of any addition. Imagine yourself in an interview with the perfect company – what would turn them off? Leave such content to others and keep yours clean, professional, and elegant. You can’t go wrong with clean, professional, and elegant.

The bottom line is that LinkedIn has given you a whole range of fun options to leverage in building your online profile into a content portfolio of Brand YOU™ material. Take advantage of the opportunities this gives you to enrich your profile with additional documents. Doing so gives your profile “stickiness” and invites readers to hang around and take their knowledge of you to a deeper level.

And if you’re savvy about what that looks like, it’ll be a very, very good thing!

Here’s to your new LinkedIn look!