Your Resume Tells A Story

What does yours say about you? Does yours simply relate where you’ve worked or what you were responsible for? That’s not the story recruiters, HR professionals, & hiring managers really want to read about you.

The story they want to read is the “back” story that underlies & drives your career history to date:

* Why do you choose to do what you do? What motivates you to do your best & what does your best look like?
* Why have you taken the career path you’ve chosen to date & what are you looking for next in your worklife?
* What difference have you made in each of your roles & how did you do so? What unique contributions have you made? What legacy have you left behind in each role?
* What sets you apart from other candidates? What makes you stand out?

Of course, your resume is not only a career story telling tool – it’s a sales tool, too – so it also has to promote your brand, your history of achievements, & your complement of skills, qualities, & traits while laying the groundwork for your interview performance & paving the way for effective salary negotiations. And when you consider how little time a human being actually spends reading your resume (a whopping 25-30 seconds) it has to do all of this succinctly, clearly, & artfully.

But that’s not all. Your resume also has to stand up to a metrics-driven assessment by the databases employers rely on to screen incoming documents. This assessment is designed to screen out 95-98% of incoming resumes & only passes those resumes which meet the strictest key word, experience, & credential standards.

[If you’ve been applying for jobs online &/or directly to companies & getting little to no response to your resume, then yours is consistently failing this screening process. I can help!]