Did you know that for 90% of recruiters, LinkedIn is the #1 tool they use to source new candidates? Recruiters use LinkedIn to find folks like you by constructing detailed searches of the >1M-member LinkedIn database based on the key skills, credentials, and the amount of experience their clients are seeking.

What does this mean for you? To court recruiters, you have to have a profile that wins you a high ranking in such searches, and that means you need:

  • Fresh profile content on a regular basis (your profile will take a nosedive in the search rankings if your content is stale).
  • Key word-driven content (the LI search algorithm literally counts the number of times certain words are used in your profile; not all content counts; hence you have to know what parts of the profile do count).
  • A strategic tagline that will attract recruiters in your industry (your tagline positions your profile and your candidacy).
  • A complete profile (you’re 40% more likely to show up in searches if LinkedIn considers your profile complete).
  • The right content in the right location (recruiters don’t read profiles the same way that you and I do — they are looking for specific kinds of details in specific locations).

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