Executive Job Search Strategies

The Average US Job Search for Executives is 12+ Months.

My Clients Get Hired in 1 to 4 Months.

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The Executive Job Search Process Has Shifted Dramatically Since 2008

If you're in the market for a new job, or soon will be, you may not know where to start or how do to do your search "right." There are:

  • New online search technologies galore, including job boards and job application services.
  • New social media sites, including the venerable LinkedIn and many niche sites.
  • New job search tracking and contact management software.
  • New recruiter databases.

    Which of these should you leverage, if any? And how can you get up to speed with new technologies without stalling your job hunt?

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    I am a career management, job search, executive resume writing, and LinkedIn expert with more than 30 years of experience in this business. I’ve developed a proprietary process that has enabled me to help executives in 30+ industries on 6 continents to land their next great positions. With 21 TORI global resume writing awards under my belt, my resumes open doors to interviews.

    Using a structured yet customized process, I will:

    • Unearth and articulate your unique career brand and value proposition – so you can attract the type and level of job opportunities you really want.
    • Clarify your career search goals and target industries, companies, and geographic preferences – so you know from the get-go that your goal is realistic and achievable within a 2- to 8-month timeframe.
    • Align your documents, communications, and strategies with the needs of recruiters, employers, and hiring managers – so your materials don’t get set aside, passed over, or ignored.
    • Makeover your resume and LinkedIn profile – so you present a polished, unified, and branded offline and online presence that showcases your career achievements and conveys the power of your career story.
    • Craft a custom job search plan for you based on your career goals and available search time – so you can increase the number of interviews you get, thereby shortening your search overall.
    • Tailor a LinkedIn action plan for you – so you can access more recruiters, penetrate more target companies, and forge relationships with key stakeholders and influencers prior to mission-critical phone conversations and meetings.

    I have encapsulated my 30 years of experience in job search strategies into a step-by-step process that will help you to craft and implement the job search strategies you will need to leverage in the weeks ahead. You will benefit from:

    • An action-focused sequence of assignments designed to build and sustain momentum in your search.
    • Best-in-class executive job search shortcuts that will save you time and energy in your already-busy-enough life.
    • Weekly accountability with and 1:1 web-based feedback from an executive coach (namely me — I do not outsource any element of my services).
    • Anywhere, any time 24/7 access to the program from any device with an Internet connection.
    • Weekly 1:1 laser phone coaching available on a first-come, first-served  to help you work through thorny problems, strategize new opportunities, and break through the barriers that arise in your search.

    Most job search programs try to teach every participant everything they need to know about the search process. But I know how busy you are as an executive and recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach is overwhelming. That is why I take a just-in-time approach to jumpstart your job search: I teach you only what you really have to know, when you’re ready to learn it. In addition, I have structured this program so you can move as quickly as you want through its components or slow down or pause when you need to — the choice is always yours.

    Allow me to introduce you to my proprietary and exclusive Hire Calling Online Job Search Coaching Program consisting of two primary sections and multiple optional modules:

    • My Executive Job Search Marketing Plan does exactly what it sounds like — it helps you to lay a firm foundation for your upcoming search, optimize the networking components of your LinkedIn profile, and choose which executive search methods you will use. This program includes a sequence of assignments, action steps, worksheets, and templates that will guide you through the process of crafting a realistic, sustainable job search action plan, along with your personal pitch or commercials. It includes periodic web-based check-ins with me so we can ensure you position yourself to achieve the results you want in your search.
    • My Hire Calling job search modules help you to stay on track once you launch your job-hunt. They include action steps and templates that you can employ as you execute on the search methodologies you elected during the design of your marketing plan, as well as web-based access to me for ongoing support. But the unique aspect of this program is the accountability and structure it brings to your executive job-hunt through metrics. You will complete short, quick web-based forms every week to track and report your search progress via metrics aligned with your search methods (not to worry, you can do so with a single click from any device — so easy!). This gives us both the visibility we need to understand what is and isn’t working in your search and to troubleshoot as it unfolds.

    I know of no other job search program, let alone an executive job search program, which comes close to offering the quality, scope, and support of Hire Calling. There is nothing like either of these programs on the market to help you do your search right and stay focused on its implementation while you balance your job-hunt with your very busy life.

    These programs could easily save you $60,000 or more in lost salary or savings.

    Think about this – if you search on your own with your existing resume and were looking for a $200,000 job, each month of unemployment would cost you at least $15K. If you search for 18 months, your unemployment would cost you more than $270K.

    Let’s say I can help you shorten your search by 4 months. Is it worth a one-time investment equal to 1% to 2% of your annual salary to save $60K? Of course it is.

    Situation: An East Coast Senior Banking Executive, signed off on his new resume in September, 2012. By mid-March, 2013, he had his dream offer in hand.

    Results: Landed the quality of job he wanted within 6 months after aggressive pursuit by a large banking conglomerate and an early growth start-up.

    “By the way, [even though my search ended 2 months ago] I still have interest from 1 bank, 13 more interviews, and yet another bank is requesting my current resume.”

    C.H., Senior Banking Executive
    May, 2013

    Another client of mine recently entered a job search after a layoff. She had been working steadily for 2 decades and never needed to know how to job search; she came to me for help in making the most of her transition. After revamping her career communications portfolio (in her case, a new resume, LinkedIn profile, Value Proposition Letter, and BrandYou(TM) Bio), I guided her through my proprietary executive job search process. The result? She landed a sweet C-level role in less than 3 months.

    I wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for your assistance in my recent professional job search! I am convinced that your executive development program and step-by-step process was a major factor in landing my next leadership position. From start to finish, I was impressed with the level and detail of both the resume and LinkedIn development processes. I couldn’t be more pleased that working with you helped me land my next leadership role within a 90-day period! [MM, Regional Director of Sales]

    Interested in getting results like these in your executive search? I am accepting applicants for Hire Calling on a case-by-case basis before I make the program available on a wider audience.

    Tell me a little about your situation below, then you’ll be given the option to choose the day and time from my calendar that works best for our short phone consult. There is, of course, no obligation.

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