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BlueSteps Review: Need a Shortcut to Sourcing Executive Recruiters?

If you’ve followed my blog, articles, or LinkedIn posts, then you know that I advocate using a strategic approach to leverage executive job boards and services. Part of what that means to me is employing the right ones to begin with. One of the job services I suggest to most executive job seekers is […]

How to Develop Thought Leadership Content as a Job Seeker

As a Career, Job Search, and LinkedIn Coach I am constantly urging my executive-level clients to build a reputation for thought leadership via industry articles, blog posts, and LinkedIn content. While nearly all of them see the potential value in a thought leadership-driven job search approach, most are reluctant to dive right in. What stops […]

CVs & Resumes: Get Them Right to Get the Job — Infographic

Today’s guest post is courtesy of Colin Cuthbert of Ayers, an Australian firm. In it you will find a wealth of statistics and resume writing tips. A few of these are a little different here in the US, namely that recruiters may spend as little as 3 to 5 seconds on your resume before making […]

What’s Your Why-Buy-ROI?

What specific return on investment does your candidacy offer to employers and why should they hire you? The idea behind the term “Why-Buy-ROI” was coined by branding expert Deb Dib and represents a simple formula you can use to showcase your career brand succinctly and powerfully in all facets of your executive job search, including […]

5 Keys to Crafting Your Executive Job Search Action Plan

If you’re planning a cross-country road trip, do you start off without a map? Probably not. Likewise, when you plan a job search (rarely a short-term, overnight experience), do you begin with a written plan? Probably not. Yet wouldn’t one be enormously helpful? Almost certainly. Unless you have the financial freedom to take 1-2 years […]

Jumpstart Your Executive Job Search in 2016

Are you or someone you know about to launch an executive search in 2016? If so, one of the first things you’ll want to do is create an Executive Job Search Action Plan to guide your search execution. Sometimes referred to as a Personal Marketing Plan, both terms hint at the importance of advance planning […]

How to Tell Your Career Story in Your LinkedIn Profile

Last week I noted that it’s important to tell your career story in many ways (in print, online, and verbally) and in many places (resume, LinkedIn profile, bio/marketing brief, cover letter). In this three-part blog series, I previously showcased ways to highlight your career story in your resume; the next post in this series will […]

Is Your Resume Conveying Your Career Story?

Does your resume capture the essence of your career story to date? Does it convey the impact that you’ve had on the employers you’ve worked for so far? Does it showcase your unique combination of achievements and skills? If not, then your resume is failing to promote the real you. While it’s important to tell […]

The LinkedIn Weekly Challenge Group for Executives

Are you a mid-career to senior executive in active or passive job search? Are you a VP or C-suite leader who believes in proactive career management and recognizes the power of LinkedIn? If you answered “yes” to either question, then you may wish to join The LinkedIn Weekly Challenge Group, coming in January 2016. I’ll […]

Troubleshoot Your Executive Job Search

Are you having trouble getting traction in your job search? May I suggest a simple exercise that will demonstrate what you most need to fix in your search to turn it around? Try this simple but effective Job Search Traction Troubleshooter to identify the problems in your search. Use the same tool to create a […]